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Indian Summer by Alex von Tunzelmannn The Secret History of the End of the Empire

When I heard about  a seminar on India at the Troy Public Library, I was very excited and braved the low temperatures and the icy streets to attend.We were to read, discuss, and connect  a novel and a non-fiction book … Continue reading

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Welcome to India 2013 documentary 3 EMBED for Day 6 Zero to Hero

I have used videos before, but sometimes they are embed and other times not, I was never quite sure how. But I learned that I need to use the complete address of the video. This is the third of three … Continue reading

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Zero to Hero Day # 5 Love Your Theme

What  a strong metaphor of buying a house and starting a blog, choosing the neighborhood, knowing your needs and style, and content in both areas. I am the kind of person who doesn’t like too many choices as it all … Continue reading

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Zero to Hero Challenge Day #4

Yes, I already know how to use the Reader which was part of our task.  I adjusted the prompt just  a tad. Oh, as a teacher I hated when kids didn’t follow the “cold prompt”, but this challenge is not … Continue reading

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Zero to Hero Day #3 Lucky Indian Children

Children who are born in India are lucky.  Why, you might ask? There are so many   challenges there, malnutrition, lack of basic sanitation for 50% of population, trash, and lack of meaningful work.  Yes, of course those are true, … Continue reading

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Zero to Hero Day #2

I can play the helpless southern lady to perfection after years of practice.  But  in fairness to myself, I am pretty sure I just assume I can’t do certain things . . . . . especially technological  tasks.   I … Continue reading

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Zero to Hero WordPress Daily Post Challenge

All of us bloggers want to improve our writing, and that includes me, too. My friend  at http://greetingsfromindia.wordpress.com/about/   told me about this challenge that WordPress has thrown out for the first 30 days in 2014.  Since I have nearly 280 posts, … Continue reading

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