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Off to “The City!”

I hope that you all know that I am not arrogant, or I certainly hope you do.  But I have to say that I love New York…the state yes, but especially The City!  Living in New York state and sharing … Continue reading

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Quintet of Radiance:Five Ennobling Awards

“Quintet of Radiance”: Five Ennobling Awards Posted July 30, 2013 Thank you Prasad  for nominating my blog for this award.  I am really happy to be a part of your world through this virtual space. Thanks for your encouragement and … Continue reading

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Breakfast at the Track

The track at Saratoga was first opened for horse racing in 1863.  To put that in perspective, it was two years into the Civil War.  There were no battles of that war in this area. Every summer for six weeks, … Continue reading

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Weekend Breakfast

One of the treats we gave ourselves in Ahmedabad was breakfast at the house of MG on Saturday or Sunday.  You already know I loved  Indian poha( for breakfast, but there was just something about the weekends that made us … Continue reading

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Saturday Market in Troy, New York

Pictures of a Farmers Market are rather redundant as flower and vegetable markets are universal.  I have shared lovely ones from India, but this is what I did this morning. I wasn’t  shopping so much as catching up with a dear … Continue reading

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Indian Fathers

  A dramatic Caravaggio moment One thing that really touched my heart in India was the fathers, young or old, and their  apparent devotion to their children.  I  first noticed  their demeanor, and then started looking for it. How you … Continue reading

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Giving Hope

What would you do if you had no home, were sick, living in your car or on the street with no phone and very little money?  I am not talking about India today, but about America.  There are people who … Continue reading

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The Home of Uncle Sam

Samuel Wilson of Troy, New York ,meat packer and entrepreneur, was the model  for Uncle Sam, one of our most recognizable national symbols, but I get ahead of the story.  In 1813, the United States got its nickname of Uncle … Continue reading

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Architectural Decoration and Details in the Pols

Imagine the tales this door could tell of people entering it, through the years, and also about the designer and craftsman who made it. The homes in the Poles date back hundreds of years and yet much of the craftsmanship … Continue reading

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                                          I have several wonderful bloggers to whom I am awarding this Inner Peace Award.  As per the tradition of … Continue reading

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