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Frankly Speaking with Rahul Ghandi

The journalist Arnab Goswami  interviewed  Rahul Ghandi, the presumed candidate for Prime Minister  from the Congress Party, for 90 minutes of grueling inquiry.  There were questions about Mr. Modi and BBP, Gujarat communal violence, 1984 violence against the Sikhs when … Continue reading

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Day to Night. . . . .Kites to Lights

As the light began to fade, no one was ready for the magic to be over and it wasn’t.  The sky began to fill with twinkling lights, a million flickering fire flies. Thanks Erin : Actually not fire flies at … Continue reading

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Uttarayan , Kite Festival in Ahmedabad

Colorful tissue paper kites were being sold everywhere in Ahmedabad soon after we arrived.  The anticipation of the two day holiday, January 14-15, was building. These men are preparing the string by rubbing it with the pink substance made of … Continue reading

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International Kite Festival in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad celebrates 2000 festivals during the year.  According to  me, that is over 5 per, each day of the year. In all honesty, we didn’t see or participate in anywhere near that number, but January 14-15  was memorable.  We were … Continue reading

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mother love

This is a wonderful photo, and mother love poem. I guess I will have to talk about a “mother goose” protecting her babies instead of” mother bear!”

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My Travelpod Blog

Originally posted on Erin Butler.:
My Travelpod Blog As some of you may know, while traveling in India and Peru last year, I kept a blog where I posted things I experienced and sights that I saw. I am also…

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Jama Masjid, Delhi India’s Largest Mosque

 Reading about Delhi in the Indian Summer brought this mosque to mind.  It is the Jama Masjid, Mosque in Delhi built high on a hill overlooking the crowded streets of Old Delhi. The busyness and chaos of  Chawari Bazaar  is at … Continue reading

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