Abolish Modern Day Slavery

September 25, 2016 will be Freedom Sunday in many churches as they bind together to eradicate modern day slavery and help International Justice Ministry around the world.

Be a modern day Freedom Rider from the dark places of our own past  in the United States and work today  for the  eradication and  the injustice of slavery around the world.

Loudonville Community Church in Albany, New York.  September 25th, 9 and 11 am services.  All welcome.





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In a Blink of An Eye!

Time is a very strange phenomenon. . . . minutes, hours, days, weeks,and  and even months can just drag on and on, especially when you are ill or sitting in the dentist’s chair. I remember telling my students that  the passage of time in school  compared to the passage of time during vacations is one of the mysteries of life.  So it is for me. . . . the 50 years from  August 20,1966  to  August, 20 2016  seems just to have been a  blink of an eye for  me.

I fell in love with David when I was 19. He was incredibly funny and the smartest person I had ever met.  I am so grateful for the two amazing  children, Katherine and Christian who were born of our union.  They have given us such joy every day of their lives.

David has shown me places and taken me to  parts of the world that a girl from Staunton, Virginia could never even imagined.  I love his adventuring spirit and constant striving to learn and his love of travel!

This picture was taken at the end of one of the Indian spectacular 7 days of wedding celebration in 2015.  The students encouraged the kiss!

Through all these years, I have not always liked David very much but I imagine he would say the same about me. Such is life together with  two very different people.   We stood before  God and our families and took a vow which we have taken seriously during  all this life together.

But there has not been a single moment of the 50 years that I have not loved him!

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School Answering Machine!

This keeps popping up so I decided Word Press needs it and not just FB!   I dare say it would be hard to find one teacher who would not agree with at least part of this recording!  There is a lesson or many  to be learned. . . . don’t miss it while laughing!

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The Favela of Rio




  1. a Brazilian shack or shanty town; a slum.

    Meet Rosemary and see her life in Favela!

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Senator Tim Scott. . . In His Own Words

In light of the narrative of race in the United States, I think that Senator Scott from South Carolina, the only Republican  African American Senator , is a trusted and articulate speaker.  The country needs empathy, knowledge, wisdom, words, and work to solve the problems of fear and  profiling that leads to riots, shooting, and fires. We need a leader to show us the way !





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“Anthropoid” A Movie

I love  historical films.  David always teases me about  the period pieces I want to see and I was surprised that he wanted to see this film.  I always want to see the World War II , Nazi films and he usually says that he  already knows the story!   So why did he  suggest we go to see this last Saturday?  It was set  and filmed in Prague!   Ah beautiful Prague. . . . . .

Hitler had begun his  plan of domination of all of Europe in 1939 when his troops invaded and occupied what is now the Czech Republic without any push back by the Czechs.  The Germans said they were coming to Bavaria to protect Germans living there but it became obvious they wanted and needed the resources to wage war starting the next year with the invasion  of Poland, coal, steel, iron, and electric power.  Later this area became part of the Communist domain until the Velvet Revolution , again without shots being fired in 1939, finally returning freedom to the Czechs.


Wenceslas   Square Prague, December 1989 celebrating freedom !

There was a dark and evil time in Prague during WW II. The German commandant was Reinhard Heydrich whose nickname was “The Butcher of Prague.” His cruelty and dark and evil heart had made him devise and then be assigned to the “Final Solution” of the wiping the Jewish people off the face of the earth.   This is the background of the film.  There is a plot to assassinate  Heydrich by a small group of brave Czech resistance soldiers.

We went mainly to see shots of Prague, the Castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town, St. Vitus, Wenceslas Square  and our only complaint was that there  were too few sites included!  If you go to or rent this film, you will see Prague, and  the details that are  true to the period with hairstyles, clothes, street scenes, and items of war.  This is a war film and there is a violent assassination attempt, a man hunt, and siege of a church  with pyrotechnics equal to  most current action films.  And it all is with  1940s  weapons.

This film does not glorify war, quite the contrary.  It glorifies bravery, love for country, and   willingness to die so others can be free.  It glorifies unselfish heroes.

“Anthropoid” is based on a true story.  * * * * out of 5 * , is my ranking.

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Meet WW II Veterans Registered for D-Day Reenactment 2016

Eric P. Montgomery added 36 new photos to the album: D-Day Conneaut 2016 WWII Veterans.

14 hrs ·

Let’s meet some of the veterans of WWII registered to attend D-Day Conneaut 2016

'Hershel Woody Williams... then'
'Hershel Woody WIlliams Web Photo'
'Al Klugiewicz .... Then'
'Al Klugiewicz'
'Buzzy Wagner... then'
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Shell Elson

Shell Elson Great to see the WWII Veterans faces, which kind of closes the circle for people like me. God Bless them all. Thank You Eric, your a good man.


Julene Skalos-Edwards

Julene Skalos-Edwards Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures! Some of these men I have had the honor to meet, along with their lovely wives!


Cathy Cass Delaney Garcia

Cathy Cass Delaney Garcia God bless them all!


Dale Dahlke

Dale Dahlke Looking forward to being there.

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