Celebration of a Hero’s Too Short Life

July 4, 2017 is an Independence Day we will never forget.  That is why I chose it.  All eleven of the the family were in Cambridge UK at the American Cemetery  to celebrate the life of my oldest brother George, a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division,  who jumped in the early hours of June 6, 1944. He  was  wounded at the battle for La Fiere Bridge in Normandy, and died on the ship back to England.  He was 20 years young.  I was not born until two years after his death.    As the last of my immediate family, I feel a responsibility to pass this story of our family’s hero to my children and their children.  I heard the other day that it takes 3 generations to forget history.  I am doing all I can to insure that my grandchildren will both  know and remember our history.

I have quite a few tales to tell as I share the steps my family took starting in Normandy and then to Cambridge. I hope this will encourage each of my readers to keep their own   heroes   and everyday  family  members and their stories alive by  repeating tales to  family today, recording,  and preserving them  for the generations to come.


http://www.AParatroopersFaith.org     Visit  to learn more.

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The Raptor Resource Project


Image result for image of bald eagle

My last year of teaching I discovered “eagle peeping” from a camera in Iowa. My third graders were fascinated watching every free minute at school and morning and night at home. How excited we all were  when the eggs began cracking and the tiny birds emerged.

The first egg is predicted to hatch on or about April 1st. There is a chat schedule listed as well. Enjoy !

Visit The Raptor Resource Project Eagle Cam



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Opioids, To Take Or Not To Take

Image result for images opioids

I  am slowly typing one-handed, Three weeks today,  I  had an unexpected hard fall on a concrete floor resulting in a broken arm. I finally had surgery five days later after agony with every move. To give you  the intensity of the pain, the first step  of surgery is blocking the nerve before anesthesia. After surgery, I  was given more opioids , 50 to be exact after the 15 I took waiting for surgery.

Now here is the dilemma. . . . . . the pain was excruciating, I wanted relief from that  but I didn’t want to get addicted. And I felt terrible fuzzy headed and nauseous taking them, and the pain was only dulled!

A dear friend sent me a nonaddictive pain relief shared by a pharmacist who said 80 per cent of the world has no access to opioids.

DISCLAIMER;   I am not a doctor or a pharmacists. I  have and am  using these  over the counter products. I  am not using alcohol  and have liver disease.  Always check with your physician, The pain is tolerable and my head is clearer. I am resolved that healing and pain  are  slow. I thank God for His mercy to me  as I  continue to heal.

Here are the directions;

2  200 mg  Aleve  every 12 hours

2 extra strength Tylenol in between after 6 hours

Love from the lady with a broken wing  held together with a plate and 7 screws!

Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.


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My First Architectural Book

Amazing shop in a city of the masters. . .Corb and Kahn



First’s are always overrated. But not in this case. This entry in not about contents of the book per se, which was the initial intent of this piece, but experience of buying the book itself. Its entry into my life, is a bit theatric. I would like to talk about the first non-photo-copied book in my bookshelf : Louis Kahn’s Essential Texts (I am excluding Banister Fletcher here intentionally, because like everyone else, i did not have much inclination to to pre-modernism history as a student, which i regret now). And also may be, talking about Banister Fletcher, is not an animated idea for a blog. And I realised just now, for this book how we use the authors name always as replacement for the books title ‘History of Architecture’. Like xerox or dalda.

Kahn is simply everyone should seek, if one is underwhelmed by architecture. Both experientially and intellectuallly. Kahn had famously opened a…

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Heaven on Earth Adirondacks

Image result for images of the adirondacks


Spanning more than six million acres with over 100 welcoming communities, the Adirondack Region is home to the largest protected natural area in the lower 48. Like a patchwork quilt, the Adirondacks are made up of twelve distinct regional destinations. (from New York State)


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HIROSHIMA by John Hersey


On August 6, 1945 , Hiroshima, Japan was destroyed by the first direct hit of an atomic bomb on a city.  Hersey tells what happened that day.

“Told through the memories of survivors, this timeless, powerful and compassionate document, has become a classic that stirs the conscience of humanity.” ( The New York Times)

This manuscript was written to be published in four consecutive publication of THE NEW YORKER  but there was such overwhelming interest  that the magazine published it all in one issue.  It is hard for people today  to realize  how slow and cumbersome the news was during this period of history with our ongoing 24/7 news available  on cable news.

In light of North Korea and the Hawaiian false alarm, this book is sadly topical today. I think that teens would benefit from reading his book of only 150 pages. It is written in  the style of narrative non-fiction which reads like fiction and story but based on facts of nonfiction.

I remember learning in school that though terrible, the bombs dropped ended the war ans saved lives in the long run.  It seems that this is another part of history told  favorably  by  the victors.

War, though sometimes necessary ,  should be used only as a last resort, I think.  Through all the wars  in history, the average people are the ones who suffer the most and they seem to have the least to say about getting into the conflict or not.

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Wake Up, You Lazy Pig

Image result for image of dog trying to wake the pig

It is time to play!   Watch and chuckle at this very persistent Husky persistently trying to awaken the pig from a deep sleep.


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Music Monday “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran


Ed Sheeran and his fiancee, Cherry Seaborn became engaged just before the New Year.

Ed is an Englishman born and bred who writes and performs his own songs with the voice of an angel.

He says  that Cherry inspired this song Perfect  which is just about perfect, isn’t it?   This song  is for all of you have have found your perfect love and for you who are still waiting!  May it be. . . .  . .


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