Let It Snow, Let It Snow. . . . . .

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Pile of the white stuff in a parking lot in New Hampshire.

This week was the first snowfall in Montreal , Canada which is about 5 hours north of  where I live in Upstate New York. Each year people have to remember to slow down and gently pump the breaks as the first flakes fall.  Enjoy the video , and know that no one was hurt except probable  pride and of course  smashed vehicles. Notice that professional drivers, bus, snow plow, and police  slid right down that downtown hill.  Obviously there is a layer of black  ice under the  rather light snow.  In  fairness, it is very hard, nearly impossible,to drive safely on the ice. . . . . sliding with no control as you see in the video.       Watch the video for  a smile this wintery morning, but come back to the text below for snow report!

I remember my first visit to Montreal when I went on a tour of the city.  The guide reported that so much snow falls in a season that  it is necessary to fill up dump trucks with the snow and dump it in the harbor.

Buffalo, New York has always been known as the snowiest place in the United States.  I am not sure how they make that claim because with research, Syracuse  gets more snow. per year.  And somehow I doubt that the Chamber of Commerce is fond of that  statistic being out there, though there are people in this area of the  country who love snow!

So where does that huge amount of snow go to clear the streets and sidewalks during the cold months where the temperature rarely, if ever, reaches 32 degrees?   Since the environment is a consideration and dumping dirty snow into the harbor is not environmentally friendly, the large dump trucks take the snow to dump at “snow farms” outside of the city and put in giant piles to let it melt naturally.  But when the farms become full, it is still necessary to dump in the harbor.  In New York City and Boston  there are huge melting  machines and when the snow melts to water, it is put in the sewers.    I remember hearing once that for every inch of snow in NYC, it costs $1,000,000 for this process of snow removal.

Snow per year:

New York City  24-36″

Albany               56 ”

Montreal           82.5″

Buffalo               93.4″

Syracuse            116.9      Almost 10 FEET! 

Image result for Syracuse has most snow per year in the country

Message for the weatherman  written in snow in a Syracuse parking lot.

Welcome to a Central New York winter ! 

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Deadly Mistake the Morning of December 7, 1941 at Pearl Harbor

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The Sound of Love

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What will you do to save the love of your life? The question might seem harmless but there have been times when people have gone to unbelievable limits for their love; sometimes, it has been not so pretty.

But this truly heartwarming act by a 72-year-old man — Swapan Sett — who uses his art in the form of music in an attempt to save his ailing wife, will surely touch your soul.

Source: Facebook

Srijan Pal Singh, author and former advisor to Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, shared a post on Facebook, that has since then gone viral. In the video shared by him, an old man can be seen ‘playing a melody of harmony and love on his violin’ at Old Coffee House in Delhi in order to raise money for his ailing wife.

When asked about what made him share this story to the world, Singh told ScoopWhoop,

I have worked with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and he used to always say that there is goodness in everyone and this goodness makes the world survive. Sett is an example of when the world is torn apart by demonetisation, nationalism, sexualism and everybody is hanging right in between, he is on a simple mission with his violin and that is truly inspiring.

What a wonderful gesture! Take a look for yourself.

The post has garnered over 10,000 shares in merely two days. According to reports, Mr Sett, who originally hails from Kolkata, has been travelling extensively across the country and playing music to raise money for his wife, who is being treated at a Mumbai hospital.

This man deserves respect for setting a brilliant example for the younger generation not only about how to love but also, on how one can save love. He gloriously illustrates the power of music and how far it can take us. He is, what they say, a hero without a cape. Would you disagree?

Source: MappingWalks/Wordpress

People have been sending him their support from all over the country setting an even more brilliant example of how music and love surpasses religion and status. It’s such a beautiful sight to see something so small become so special.

This is such the heart of India which is so impressive   to me. Generosity , justice  giving, understanding and the entrepreneurial spirit.  There is no Obama Care in India. . . . and very few public assistance programs except for food.   People or the poor  have to figure out a way to provide for their families.  Mr. Singh is sharing his music to pay for his wife’s cancer treatment because he loves her so much and doesn’t want to lose her.  A universal truth and feeling of love that we all can understand.  Music and love  are language of the heart.

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Longmire. . . . . Netflix

Image result for image of Longmire

Baby boomers were brought up on Westerns.  Do you  remember Gun Smoke, Wagon Train, Bonanza, and Rawhide?  Longmire is a crime drama but also a  Neo-Western. Similarities but modernized in plots. Longmire is the local sherif who works to solve major crimes in his county.   There are Native Americans but now they are  Casio owners, pretty girls and  one is a Deputy in the police department.  There is a bar but  not a saloon .  There are guns, criminals, and  no horses but  pick-up trucks. The setting is in the West. . . . Wyoming, land of the big dramatic sky. There are stories about drugs on the” res,” gangs,  organized crime.  Life was so less complicated on those far away westerns we watched as kids.

The stories are quite good  in part because the series is based on  Craig Johns books “Walt Longmire Mysteries.”  It started on A&E and was picked-up by Netflix in 2015 to to the present.  No film in the theater was appealing this weekend so we have been catching up on Longmire.

Contrary to Westerns in the past, no one wears a white hat, which in the past was the signal of the “good guy”.  The show has shades of gray rather than black and white much  as it seems   in society  these days !

There are 5 seasons available.  I would suggest that you start with season 1 to see if you like it.  if you  don’t want to do that, though, just jump in .  There are characters who go in and out of the series and a continuing story line, but  you will be able to follow it with little problem.




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“In Bruges” . . . . . . . . Film Review

Image result for images of in bruges

Here I am on another Saturday morning reviewing one of my favorite old films from 2008.  There are several layers of story, setting  and actors which which come together to entertain in “In Bruges.”

Collin Farrell and Brendon Geason star as two Dublin hitmen who are on the run and actually hold up in the medieval city of Bruges, Belgium.  This wonderfully preserved Medieval city  is  a beautiful contrast to the British/American black comedy. Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson are joined later by the splendid Ralph Fiennes. Colin Farrell, who is one of my favorite actors is very convincing, I think because he is let alone be be his Irish self !

Oh the language is what to be expected of two hit men which I never like but seems to be the norm today.

So I  this film  still wears well after  8 years.  The humor is “laugh out loud”,  the fear and pain palatable,  and the architecture magnificent.   The film is available for free on Youtube.com  Here is a question  posed by Collin Farrell about climbing the tower in the center of town, one of  sites for tourists:

“Why do I have to climb up there to see what is down here?  I am already down here!?   Good question, Ray!

Here are the funniest scenes that someone has compiled in YouTube, though for me it is the context and characters’ history which make the comedy shine~

Complete film from YouTube.

4 starts out of 5 for me.  Let me know if you  have seen this or do decide to check it out.



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Hackshaw Ridge. . . . . A Film

Image result for images of Hacksaw Ridge

Medic, Desmond Doss, running into the battle without a gun, only his medic supplies ,to try to save lives.

This film has some of the bloodiest and authentic battlefield scenes since “Saving Private Ryan”  and actually is reminiscent of the violence in Quinton Tarantino’s films. Actually , it  is an ironic setting for the journey of a young soldier who is a conscientious objector who wants to serve his country but without a gun in the center of the battlefield.  Private Desmond Doss was the first “conscientious objector medic” to win the highest honor of Medal of Honor.

The film is full of conflicts , war with the Japaneses at Okinawa, internal conflict of Doss in his heart and mind trying to follow God’s commands in the hellish atmosphere. There is also conflict with his fellow soldiers.  All this is conflict in interpretation  and practice of religion, duty to God , and the horrors of war.  These are conflicts that are evident today as we struggle in our journey. . . freedom of religion in the United States.

Mel Gibson is the director of the film. He is talented but controversial in his words and behavior, but this work may be his redemption in Hollywood.  To give you some anecdotal stories of the opening of Hack Saw Ridge, the audience gave the film a ten minute standing ovation after the credits in the opening in Venice, Italy. Our showing was at the Spectrum Theater in Albany. It It is the art movie theater who is selective usually in their shows to include only progressive messages. In fact, because of the star’s active faith, I was surprised that it was playing there.  There are 8 small theaters and we were in one of to the larger ones. It had been out for several weeks and we were surprised that on the weekend after Thanksgiving, the theater was almost full.  First surprise.  Second surprise was at the end of the showing during the credits, applause broke out .  Not a standing ovation but strong and sustained applause. . . in Albany, New York!   Pretty surprising that one!

In my opinion. . . this is Oscar materiel for next year and I give it  * * * * * * out of 6  stars!

Wait until you see how the Lord answers Doss’  prayer of , ” Let me save just  one more. . .

“Hacksaw Ridge” :The Bloody, True Story of Faith in Action

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Scaredy Cats

Image result for images of Scaredy Cats

I couldn’t resist this!   For Karen and Liz my cat lady friends!   Over 1,000, 000 hits can’t be wrong, can they?


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