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India’s New Rock Star Comes to America

About these ads WORLD ASIA: SOUTH & CENTRAL What’s a White House dinner without dinner? Modi and Obama will find out. (+video) Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets with President Obama for a private dinner tonight, but the prime minister … Continue reading

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10 Mysterious Photos that cannot be Explained…

Shaun is my friend. Do I agree with him on everything? No, but I have learned much from him.  This is a fascinating post that I thought you might enjoy! Oh the mysteries of life!

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Navaratri Begins !!!

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Originally posted on keep picturing:
This is a post from my friend Keyur about the beginning of Navaratri a 9 day festival celebration in India. Mr. Modi is fasting as he visits the United Nations and Washington, even forgoing a working dinner with Mr. Obama … Continue reading

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Music Monday Widor Toccata from Newark Cathedral

Charles-Marie Widor was a French composer, organist and teacher who lived from 1844-1937.  This is his most famous work, simply known as the Widor Toccata, though it actually is the final  piece in the 5th movement of his Symphony for … Continue reading

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“Travel” by Anthony Bourdain

This weekend, I am traveling to Virginia again, but this time  for a family wedding. I loved this quote and have been saving it .  Yes, I know that the travel or journey metaphor is over used. . . . … Continue reading

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Indian Spacecraft, “Mom” First to Orbit Mars !

“Mom”, the affectionate  name given to the Indian spacecraft, reached Mars orbit on Wednesday, beating  China, the Americans, the Soviets, and Europe and all on a shoestring budget. $74 million  to be exact which was less than the budget to … Continue reading

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25 True Mind-Blowing Things!

These 25 Things Might Sound Crazy But They’re Mind-Blowingly True. #9 Is AWESOME. June 18, 2014 Other Stuff  It’s a strange place, this world we live in. Cars park on driveways and drive on parkways, hot dogs come in packs of … Continue reading

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Special Models, Special Fashion Shoot in India

Shoot for beauty / rupa designs Updated 7 hours ago · Taken at Mango Studio New Delhi This is the positive capitalism and entrepreneurship company   so prevalent   in  India.  It seems that no matter how successful many of … Continue reading

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Music Monday James Taylor “You’ve Got a Friend”

Ah James Taylor, one of my favorite singers from long ago who is still performing.  He came on the music scene in 1966 and was a good transition from folk to rock.  His lyrics hit the mark and the melodious … Continue reading

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Most Famous Exotic Marigold of India

The Most Exotic Marigold. . . . . . Posted originally  on May 23, 2013by annetbell Giant flat bowls of marigolds greet you at the entrance to the House of MG, Ahmedabad’s Urban Heritage Hotel, found in the chaotic heart of … Continue reading

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