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India’s New Rock Star Comes to America

About these ads WORLD ASIA: SOUTH & CENTRAL What’s a White House dinner without dinner? Modi and Obama will find out. (+video) Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets with President Obama for a private dinner tonight, but the prime minister … Continue reading

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10 Mysterious Photos that cannot be Explained…

Shaun is my friend. Do I agree with him on everything? No, but I have learned much from him.  This is a fascinating post that I thought you might enjoy! Oh the mysteries of life!

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Navaratri Begins !!!

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This is a post from my friend Keyur about the beginning of Navaratri a 9 day festival celebration in India. Mr. Modi is fasting as he visits the United Nations and Washington, even forgoing a working dinner with Mr. Obama … Continue reading

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Music Monday Widor Toccata from Newark Cathedral

Charles-Marie Widor was a French composer, organist and teacher who lived from 1844-1937.  This is his most famous work, simply known as the Widor Toccata, though it actually is the final  piece in the 5th movement of his Symphony for … Continue reading

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“Travel” by Anthony Bourdain

This weekend, I am traveling to Virginia again, but this time  for a family wedding. I loved this quote and have been saving it .  Yes, I know that the travel or journey metaphor is over used. . . . … Continue reading

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Indian Spacecraft, “Mom” First to Orbit Mars !

“Mom”, the affectionate  name given to the Indian spacecraft, reached Mars orbit on Wednesday, beating  China, the Americans, the Soviets, and Europe and all on a shoestring budget. $74 million  to be exact which was less than the budget to … Continue reading

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25 True Mind-Blowing Things!

These 25 Things Might Sound Crazy But They’re Mind-Blowingly True. #9 Is AWESOME. June 18, 2014 Other Stuff  It’s a strange place, this world we live in. Cars park on driveways and drive on parkways, hot dogs come in packs of … Continue reading

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