Through my eyes and words, I want each of you to experience this exotic, ancient country, India, which is standing on the brink of becoming a world power. And having a blog gives me a reason to write for my family, former students, grand-babies, and friends. Writing is to be read, so having readers, comments, and questions to answer will encourage me along the way.


Our four month adventure in India is over, but there are still tales to tell from that far off magical place which seems now only a dream. I want to share the perfect quote from a new blogger friend who understands the trouble I am having articulating my Indian obsession!

“India leaves her mark on her guests in a most haunting compelling and often surprising way. I suspect that even now you are trying to figure out how to get back there!” (A comment response to me from Ninagrandiose’s Blog)

Bingo, Nina!

I have been fortunate to travel pretty extensively through  Western and Eastern Europe to Egypt, Ghana, Tunisia, Belize, and Guatemala. So stories from any of these places could pop up anytime. And of course tales from the United States !   You are most welcome to come along for the ride!


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  4. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my work. And its led me to your lovely blog!

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  5. museshack says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog light of life India. I look forward to reading of your journies.

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    • annetbell says:

      Oh I do love Incredible India! I have many posts on our time there with architecture students, Jan-May 2013 and 2015 or you cN type in a place as we traveled extensively. We were headquartered in Ahmedavad in Gujurat!


  6. Thanks so much for following Oh, the Places We See! I, too, love India and would love to return to see the sights I saw all over again! Will enjoy your blog and your photography. Best wishes for many happy adventures!

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  7. DreamTemples says:

    Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog.Thank you also for loving my beautiful country.I would love to see India through your eyes and words!


  8. India is a hidden gem, very beautiful. I especially enjoyed Udaipur and Jaipur, but every place was special. Wonderful that you share your stories. http://Www.brilliantviewpoint.com.


  9. divingdeep says:

    Your kind reviews will be appreciated on my new page!


  10. HI

    Thank you so much for finding my blog and liking a post. Hope you come back again soon, I also love your photo



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