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Sunday, June 30th in Cairo

Today in Tahrir  Square,  there are at least 100,000 demonstrators gathered to protest President Morsi, who was elected one year ago today.  The Egyptians have discovered “Power to the People!” There is reporting of a possible new revolution beginning.  According … Continue reading

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The story of a brave and selfless man. . . . .

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Rice Revolution – The World’s #1 Important Food Crop

It should come as no surprise that India’s preeminent crop is rice. It  produces 20% of the world’s crop, and rice is the staple of the diet  in the Eastern and Southern states in India. The usual number of harvests … Continue reading

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Gujarati Thali at Agashiye, The House of MG

I have mentioned, before, this elegant hotel  in the heart of old Ahmedabad, The House of MG. It was built by a prominent, self-made, textile tycoon, Shri Mangaldas Girdhandas  in the 1920s.  He and his family lived and entertained on … Continue reading

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Supermoon with clouds – Ajaytao

I wouldn’t want anyone to miss this amazing picture!

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Very Inspiring Blogger Award

 Katy with her great blog PraguebyKaty nominated me for Very Inspiring Blogger Award I accept this award again because it gives me great pleasure to encourage other inspiring bloggers.  Here are the  rules for accepting the  award: 1. Display the Award Logo … Continue reading

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Super Sweet Blogger Award

Super Sweet Blogger Award Firstly I’ll like to thank kimberlyakinola for nominating me for this award. Thank you Kimberly!  If you don’t know this wonderful lady, you should visit her blog. So here are the rules: Thank the supper sweet blogger that nominated you. … Continue reading

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Health, History, Horses. . . . Saratoga Springs, New York

My title seems redundant when the sign repeats it, but I was hoping to catch the readers’ attention.  Oh well, my point is that Saratoga Springs, New York means many things to many people and those are just three of … Continue reading

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Shine On Award

Thank you Tamara at  for nominating  for the “Shine On award”! I hope my nominees will visit Tamara’s beautiful blog, soon. THE RULES ARE: 1. Display the award logo on your blog. 2. Link back to the person who … Continue reading

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Potty Park

  Yes, there is a Toilet Garden in Ahmedabad.  Toilets or the lack  thereof are quite a problem in India. Gandhi said that sanitation is more important then independence. And after all these years it is still a  huge problem. … Continue reading

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