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Surprise Rock Band at Macy’s Day Parade!

Kiss is not thankful for being in the Macy’s Day Parade on Thanksgiving! ¬† I am wondering whose idea it was to include Kiss in the first place? ūüôā¬† Kiss star Paul Stanley says his band was ‚Äúscrewed over and … Continue reading

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In Search of a Happier life?

The Pope Just Released A List of 10 Tips for Becoming a Happier Person and They Are Spot On July 31, 2014 Mbiyimoh Ghogomu 272 comments In a recent interview with the Argentine publication¬†Viva, Pope Francis issued a list of … Continue reading

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“Matewan” a documentary from Eastern Kentucky

Mining is a ¬†horrible way to make a living, but for Appalachian families in West Virginia, Tennessee, and Eastern Kentucky, there is no other choice. The men endure the pain and health issues, poor pay, and horror of being deep … Continue reading

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“Black Friday” by Steely Dan

David reminded me that Steely Dan had a song “Black Friday”. . . . title appropriate for today. ¬†I love their music, not sure what the lyrics are about because they are sufficiently vague. ¬†Doesn’t seem to be about shopping, … Continue reading

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For the Love of Music . . . . . BBC

This is an amazing video about the place music holds  in the world and some of the varied musicians who enrich our lives.  Happy  Black Friday shopping !

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UGA turned NFL player Benjamin Watson’s moving Ferguson post goes viral

Moving thoughts and feelings from Saint’s football player Benjamin Watson.

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Plimoth Plantation, Massachusetts

Originally posted on TalesAlongTheWay:
Happy Thanksgiving! ¬†I ¬†just couldn’t resist re-sending you this video which is the living museum presentation ¬†of this 17th ¬†century settlement on the coast of Massachusetts where the first Thanksgiving was celebrated. ¬†It is a thirty…

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