Zero to Hero Day #3 Lucky Indian Children



Children who are born in India are lucky.  Why, you might ask? There are so many   challenges there, malnutrition, lack of basic sanitation for 50% of population, trash, and lack of meaningful work.  Yes, of course those are true, but there are other things much more obscure that seem to make a difference.  It took a while for me to even begin to understand and try to articulate this. And I have come to the conclusion that is a combination of factors that work to provide what I will call stability for want of a better word.These children know from where they and their families come as history is ever present in architecture, and the 22 different dialects spoken in the country.  They all will be  born into a family with a strong faith system, probably Hindu, but also Muslim, Christian, Sikh or Buddhist. India is known as the most  spiritual country in the world. I have told tales of the divisions in these faith systems and those are sad, but day to day all seem to live and work peacefully  side by side. 

The next  element  that is a  blessing to the children is the strong presence of family, both nuclear and extended. The children learn to work, respect others,  relate to others, and they feel loved by at least one of the many people with whom they live.  They don’t come home to an  empty house or eat at a quiet, lonely  table.

Lastly, I think that  celebrations that are continuously happening, secular, religious, one or the other, dancing and singing just make an air of joy even in the midst  of poverty. There is a hope that is filling  the air now for  a better  life after the  2014 elections. Each Indian stands in line  for hours to vote and feels strongly that it is a right and  responsibility as well as a duty in  the world’s largest democracy, not just for the rich and educated but for all. On election day , they all equal.

My husband and I talked about this wonderful spirit that  seemed to surround us in India. He is all about architecture and touring but the people really made a positive impression on him. His thoughts agreed with me on this one.  These are precious happy, gentle  people  who get so much  joy from simple things like dancing in the streets, throwing powdered dye at each other to celebrate Holi in the spring,  and watching the sky filled with kites.  Just like they have adapted to life in slums,they have found simple yet lovely things to enrich their lives . They find joy in little things. . .  . .so do the children.

111Cultural Heritage

This Is  Incredible India!

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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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20 Responses to Zero to Hero Day #3 Lucky Indian Children

  1. Beautiful. I have never been to India but you paint a very beautiful picture of this colourful country.


  2. Annet,
    Excellent post and rightly described.


  3. Annet,
    Is there anything which you want to do with your blog but find it difficult then I would like to know about it and write a post also to solve the problem.


  4. lauramacky says:

    I agree with the first comment here. I feel like I’m there when you write about India. Thank you!


  5. Dalo 2013 says:

    Happy New Year Anne, and you open it for me with such a wonderful post. Happiness is the most beautiful thing in the world, as it finds good people regardless of social and economic status. Children, it seems, are born full of happiness and as you mention in your post above, it is the family, friends, warm & strong beliefs of a positive source that keeps them on a path to live a life full of happiness (even in poverty, they may experience riches many of us can only dream about).

    Just finished a long series of travels to lesser developed areas in China & Myanmar and could not help but feel inspired and uplifted by the children and their parents/family and the abundance of happiness in their lives. This post of yours brings me right back to this simple beauty of life.

    Best to you in 2014!


  6. Annet
    Are you there?

    I just saw your tags for your post…It is wrong…

    You have to use the tag zerotohero to be connected with wordpress challenge…….you can use many more tags but you have to include zerotohero

    Now you can still do it…I will tell you how?
    Are you online….


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  8. OyiaBrown says:

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