The Parable of the Good Samaritan

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A parable is a teaching tool explaining a moral or lesson. Jesus used this method repeatedly in the New Testament, in fact, 65 times in the Gospels. The Parable of the Good Samaritan is an illustration of Christ teaching his disciples exactly who were their neighbors they were to love as they loved themselves.

The Samaritans were scorned and looked down upon by the pure Jewish people because they were half Jew, half Gentile. They were deemed unworthy by the Jews. This was illustrated by the Priest and the Levite both holy reverent Jews passing on the other side of the road so as to ignore the injured man in dire need.  But along comes a Samaritan who cares for the man with no questions asked, takes him to an inn for care and rest and pays out of his own tunic.

Jesus asks his followere  “Which loved his neighbor?”   They replied,

“The man who was merciful.”   “Go and do likewise!”



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This is Smaratin Center where I volunteered las night. Please watch the video which shows and tells the story of how this center reaches out a hand to help the Central New York hungry.

If you have never vollunteered helping fhe lowest among us, it will open your mind and heart.  Yes, there are poor hungry  people among us along our  path of life.  Please don’t cross over to the othere side to ignore them.


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  1. Prior... says:

    such good message and may many others find the joys of serving and reaching out – loved the video too


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