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Proud Adoptive Mama!

  Last night, dbell and I went to the commencement dinner for the class of 2015. These the second half of the group we took to India in 2013, and what a night it was! First Erin Butler won “Most … Continue reading

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India’s Other Daughters

 Rajasthan is the state next to Gujurat and has all the details that tourists think of as “Indian”.  There are deserts, camels wondering in the dunes, the colored cities, elephant rides, and snake charmers,  camel market, and races  But this … Continue reading

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Asphalt Melting Heat in India

Asphalt-melting heat wave kills more than 1,100 in India From    WHAT’S THIS? BY ELIZABETH PIERSON14 hours ago Over the past week, more than 1,100 people have been killed by extreme heat in India. Temperatures reading more than 113 … Continue reading

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Yoga Here and There. . . . .

  One of the  new experiences I had in India was yoga !  Three of the students invited me and  I loved it when we were in Amdavad.  Travelling for sometimes 2 weeks at a time, made it hard to … Continue reading

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  Frank Glick was driving to work, early one morning when he caught sight of this Bald Eagle perched on a tombstone in this Minnesota graveyard. I just saw this today but many people saw it yesterday, Memorial Day.  Very … Continue reading

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Memorial Day 2015

  This is Maddingley American Cemetery in Cambridge, England where my oldest brother, George Bowler Tullidge, III  is buried.  He was a paratrooper  who jumped the night of June 5th into France to go to the coast to meet the … Continue reading

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Mytwosentences 109

Originally posted on Mytwosentences:
The bald boy of five, dressed head to toe in a full Superman costume, had an unmistakable light in his baby blues that completely lit the carpeted elevator we were sharing with his obviously exhausted father.…

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Slum Boys ! Not to be Missed !

This is  Bappi Lahiri, an international music director, composer, and singer  in both Indian and American film industry.  Years ago, he met Mother Theresa in Kolkota and shared a moment with her.  She told him to do good for the … Continue reading

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Mr. Turner, the film Artists are tortured and tormented  souls, agree?  There are lots of examples of this sweeping generalization that can be sited;  Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and  Jackson Pollock ! Meet J.M.W. Turner, the early 19th century British painter.  He is … Continue reading

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Troy, New York Hidden Garden Tour

View from the gate entrance. I have  been scurrying around trying to whip my “hidden urban garden” into shape for visitors this late afternoon and early evening.  Gardens will be viewed  on a self guided walking tour to benefit garden … Continue reading

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