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Mike Wetzel is Gone

Marilyn Kriss   my friend, posted  this on FB.  It is a message from her sister-in-law who lives near San Bernardino, California where the terrorist attack occurred on Friday.  Mike Wetzel  was killed.  You can read about the kind of man he was in the … Continue reading

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A Wedding Drone?

  I drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle according to Wikipedia.  It is usually thought of  as a weapon of  war used  by Special  Forces Operations to keep pilot’s safe. There is a small but growing  number of civilian application … Continue reading

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Why Is This the Exception and Not the Rule?

Yahoo Parenting I hope this post will encourage someone to follow this example  of putting the children first in complicated adult relationships!     TumblrFacebookTwitterPinterestMailCopy Link Mom’s Amazing Letter to Her Daughter’s Stepmom Rachel BertscheWriterDecember 11, 2014 Stiles and Parish. … Continue reading

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Invasion of the Central American Children

Have you heard this tragic story that is happening now in the United States? It is not being shown on many of stations. It may be a surprise to those of you who don’t watch Bill O’Riley to see that … Continue reading

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Zero to Hero Day #3 Lucky Indian Children

Children who are born in India are lucky.  Why, you might ask? There are so many   challenges there, malnutrition, lack of basic sanitation for 50% of population, trash, and lack of meaningful work.  Yes, of course those are true, … Continue reading

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Indian Fathers

  A dramatic Caravaggio moment One thing that really touched my heart in India was the fathers, young or old, and their  apparent devotion to their children.  I  first noticed  their demeanor, and then started looking for it. How you … Continue reading

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Sarkhej Roza

Sarkhej Roza is a magnificent complex built on the outskirts of Ahmedabad.  It is composed of  a  modest, but graceful old  mosque, a library, a lake, gardens and palace ruins.  It was built by the city’s founding monarch as a … Continue reading

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