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Decorative Elements of the Taj

Namaste ! Islam forbids human or animal figures be used in decoration. It is their belief that God alone has the power to create life. Today, I am showing you images from the artistic decorative elements of the Taj with … Continue reading

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No Homework Policy !

When I was teaching this was my policy except for a slight modification. Students were expected to read nightly, study for spelling tests which parents insisted were necessary,  play outside, spend time with  the family playing games and  talking. I … Continue reading

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Little Brown Jug

To carry on the theme of WW II from my post earlier in the week   of the D-Day reenactment, I decided to use  Little Brown Jug as my Music Monday.   You can click on the other titles listed … Continue reading

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D-Day Conneaut 2016

The fight for La Fiere Bridge near St. Mere Eglise, France We arrived at the park in Conneaut  before 9 AM when the raising of the flag signaled the  Saturday reenactments of D-Day for the 72nd anniversary remembrance.   Thirty … Continue reading

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Flaw in Canadian Elder Care

This elderly couple in Canada have been forced to live apart for 8 months in spite of the fact that they have been married for 62 years.  The government health care department says it is due to lack of beds … Continue reading

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Abolish Modern Day Slavery

September 25, 2016 will be Freedom Sunday in many churches as they bind together to eradicate modern day slavery and help International Justice Ministry around the world. Be a modern day Freedom Rider from the dark places of our own … Continue reading

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In a Blink of An Eye!

Time is a very strange phenomenon. . . . minutes, hours, days, weeks,and  and even months can just drag on and on, especially when you are ill or sitting in the dentist’s chair. I remember telling my students that  the … Continue reading

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