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Frozen What?

Nearly Frozen Waves Captured On Camera By Nantucket Photographer CBS Boston February 26, 2015 8:09 AM Share on email3.5K View Comments (Photo credit: Jonathan Nimerfroh – Instagram: @jdnphotography) Related Tags: Eric Fisher, Frozen Waves, Jonathan Nimerfroh, Nantucket, Slush Waves, WBZ TV … Continue reading

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What I Am Striving For. . . . . .

  Ha Ha. . .. . Never in a million years!

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Are We There Now?

I seem to be posting more and more words from our past leaders, but the truth is timeless. Your thoughts or comments. . . . . 

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Before I Go

My friend Judy Kapila sent this to me this morning. It is a beautifully written, heart felt message from a young surgeon with  insight into life and death. I think you will agree that is is a good reminder for … Continue reading

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Yoga Then and Now. . . . . .

Yes, three of the girls and I do Yoga 4 or 5 nights each week.  We are trying to do it consistently during the month of February as we will be travling for almost 2 weeks in March.  The cost … Continue reading

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I chose, but then I chose to choose again

Originally posted on polysyllabic profundities:
Life is about making choices.  Every day we are presented with numerous situations in which we have to decide the outcome of the situation by using our instincts to make those choices. I am certain…

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Design Studio . . . . Home Away From Home

  People have asked what I do each day while we are in Amdavad.  Here is the Design Studio and this is it!  I sit and read or blog at one of the empty tables.  The students and David  in … Continue reading

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Obamacare costs $50,000 per enrollee

when will this out of control spending end?

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The Pictorial Reality Of Missing Kids Worldwide -PLZ SHARE

Shaun is so committed to keeping this before the public. It is a tragic story and the perpetrators need to be outed, arrested , and punished to the fullest extent of the law.

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An Orphaned Baby: To an Impotent Dad

What an inspiration and call for “potent” fathers for their children!

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