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Surprising Peggy Noonan Column

Peggy Noonan is  the speech writer for Ronald Reagan who touched hearts with her metaphors and inspirational words. (Husband thinks she should have lived in the 18th Century with her often flowery language!  ) She is the spokesman for the … Continue reading

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Shauny Blogging Award and A B C Blogging Award

Two of my blogging friends have nominated me for the blogs above. I am always very thankful for  awards and the knowledge that other bloggers are connecting with me and my blog.  I also love to pass the awards on! … Continue reading

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Zero to Hero Day # 5 Love Your Theme

What  a strong metaphor of buying a house and starting a blog, choosing the neighborhood, knowing your needs and style, and content in both areas. I am the kind of person who doesn’t like too many choices as it all … Continue reading

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WordPress Family Award

My dear  Dimple at shivaaydelights.wordpress.com nominated me for this WordPress Award about a month ago. Family is very important to me so this is heart warming. Family has people with many interests which is gratifying as Dimple is a master … Continue reading

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Zero to Hero Day #2

I can play the helpless southern lady to perfection after years of practice.  But  in fairness to myself, I am pretty sure I just assume I can’t do certain things . . . . . especially technological  tasks.   I … Continue reading

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All of us bloggers want to improve our writing, and that includes me, too. My friend  at http://greetingsfromindia.wordpress.com/about/   told me about this challenge that WordPress has thrown out for the first 30 days in 2014.  Since I have nearly 280 posts, … Continue reading

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Versatile Blogger Award

todaycommai.wordpress.com has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  This is a very unique  blog which details the adventure of four friends who met their first year at Duke University. Now they are graduated and live in different places with … Continue reading

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