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Rock Stars !?!

Ahmedabad is not a tourist destination. It is a working class city which used to be called the Manchester (UK) of India due to the many fabric mills. It could also be dubbed the Boston of India because of the … Continue reading

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North Trip Itinerary

  The following is the itinerary for the north trip.  You will be able to follow along with our journey north filled with sacred and secular architecture.  We will be gone from this Saturday and return on March 10th. I … Continue reading

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Palitana, Gujarat from 2/13/13

Our trip began at five in the morning for a one-way five hour tour coach ride. Travelling in the country is slow going as many of the roads are only two lanes. It was quite nerve wracking as I had … Continue reading

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Feral Dogs

  They come in various colors, white, a ginger  brown, black, and  mixtures of the three. A few have long coats and all have pointed  snouts. And they are not pets, or so we thought. The dogs live in the street scrounging … Continue reading

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Books on India

Just in case some of you are interested in  books about  India that I have recently read, today I thought I would share them.  Two are fiction and one is narrative nonfiction.  All are available on  e-books. Vish Pur Mysteries…a … Continue reading

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Sweeping, Sweeping Everywhere!

In almost six weeks, we  have seen no trash trucks, no recycling bins to be emptied, but endless sweeping , everywhere.  The trash  must go somewhere and that is into piles along the sides of the road. In the mornings, … Continue reading

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The Sun Temple at Modhera

The picture on my first entry was taken on our visit to this temple constructed in 1026 AD. It is not at present a place of prayer and worship which we knew immediately because we weren’t instructed to remove our … Continue reading

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After five weeks in India, I am finally starting my blog. I have lots of observations, experiences, and photos I want to share with you. Through my eyes and words, I want each of you to experience this exotic, ancient country … Continue reading

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