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Pannini Not Panini ?

Oh I have to quickly get your attention before you click me off after seeing this grand 18th century portrait of Govanni Paol Pannini!  Here is the more well know panini or hot toasted Italian sandwich , we all know … Continue reading

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True Love Does Exist

US Older Man Who Eats Alone Goes Viral. When You Take a Close Look at What’s on the Table, You’ll See Why This is such a touching story of love. We all need to be loved and to love and … Continue reading

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Danger in Paradise

Hawaii was a place I had always wanted to go and I have just recently gone twice.  David gave a paper at a conference in Honolulu on two different occasions.  I flew from Arizona and met him the first time, … Continue reading

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Music Monday on Tuesday, Graham Nash “Teach Your Children Well”

This morning I saw Graham Nash on Morning Joe. He was singing this powerful song from the past, my past,  “Teach Your  Children Well.” Nash was a member of the folk, rock super group, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and sometimes Young. … Continue reading

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Robin Williams’ Children and Billy Crystal In ‘Baseball Tribute’ – San Francisco Giants

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Raymond Burse, Hero of the Week

      This is Raymond Burse and I will tell you why he is the “Hero of the Week.”  He is a very bright talented man who gained publicity when he was chosen a Rhodes Scholar during his academic … Continue reading

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USA Sent Out ‘Defcon 1’ Alert To US Public TV – Biggest US Threat There Is!

I have not heard a whisper about this test until I read Shaun’s post. Has anyone else? Maybe some people who live in the Southern US? Just doesn’t sound good at all and seems to indicate something sinister to me.

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Could It Be?

 I just heard this theory in a commentary on TV. I don’t remember hearing this before.  There is no proof of the connection , scientifically.  There do seem to be comparisons.  33% of Athenians were killed by this hemorrhaging fever. … Continue reading

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World’s Largest Corn Maze

This is a map of the world’s largest corn maze. The shortest time it has taken to  maneuver from entrance to exit is just over an hour, and the longest is hours and hours! Enjoy the last fun of fall. … Continue reading

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A Good Samaritan Saves a Stranger

This “angel unaware” appeared from nowhere, and risked his life to save the man who lived in this burning house. It is always mysterious how some people so easily neglect their own safety to “love their neighbor , as they … Continue reading

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