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Hackshaw Ridge. . . . . A Film

Medic, Desmond Doss, running into the battle without a gun, only his medic supplies ,to try to save lives. This film has some of the bloodiest and authentic battlefield scenes since “Saving Private Ryan”  and actually is reminiscent of the … Continue reading

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Scaredy Cats

I couldn’t resist this!   For Karen and Liz my cat lady friends!   Over 1,000, 000 hits can’t be wrong, can they?  

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The Queen of Soul Honors America

The above image will become clear when you hear the  Queen’s rendition  of the Star Spangled Banner last night at the hometown  game hosted by Miss Franklin’s Lions of Detroit.   She is 74 years old and still has her … Continue reading

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Native American’s Perspective on Thanksgiving

It is important to tell the whole story.  The English who settled in what is now Massachusetts  did take the land, some of the natives into slavery and inadvertently spread European disease to the unsuspecting   people.  After I posted … Continue reading

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What is Thanksgiving Anyway?

My blogger friends from other countries have asked what exactly America is celebrating each year on the fourth Thursday in   November?  It is not just overeating , football , and Black Friday shopping which has made its way into … Continue reading

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Denial. . . . . . A Film

This is a gas chamber in Auschwitz where gas tablets were dropped through the ceiling exterminating  up to 6,000 Jewish souls each day.  This was the largest work camp of the Third Reich  and located in Poland. The Germans built … Continue reading

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Brian Mast Lost His Legs, But Successfully Ran for a Seat in Congress

Brian Mast is a double amputee who has successfully run for a seat for Congress from  Florida to continue his dedication and work for the United States. He ran successfully last week either on President Elect Trump’s coat tails or … Continue reading

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