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You Want What Color Hair?

You have to be totally blind not to observe various hair  tips or streaks of color, these days.  I have seen women who have had their hair not only colored in some “nonhair” color like green, purple or pink but … Continue reading

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Arizona Dreaming !

Gary, Brandan, and Sheila Douglas  my amazing hosts for the weekend of celebrations in Mesa, Arizona.  They invited me to Brandan’s graduation party and wanted me enough to send a ticket on Southwest Airlines !  I have never had such … Continue reading

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The Reunion

  I have always heard that it is impossible to  “go home.”  Obviously, this is a metaphor for the years and wisdom and growth each of us  has lived,  making it impossible to return to the beginning.  But  on reunion … Continue reading

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“The Giver”, a film

What a surprise!   A second enjoyable film in one weekend. “The Giver.”  It is a haunting tale of Jonas who lives in a colorless world of conformity and contentment  decreed by a repressive society.  He spends time with the … Continue reading

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Girls’ Weekend in Skaneateles, New York

Just like last year, the guys in our family headed to Baltimore for a weekend of baseball.  This time to see the Yankees, who are universally  hated by most fans in the country unless, of course,  they are from NYC. … Continue reading

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Yogurt for Lunch

 Yesterday, Grace, Henry, Alice and I  had lunch together. It was not an ordinary burger or pizza lunch.  We had make your own  yogurt sundaes  and that was all!   I always think that you should eat dessert when you … Continue reading

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Don Ostertag’s Summer Music Monday “Summer Wind” by Frank Sinatra

My friend Don at http://donostertag.wordpress.com/ shared his favorite summer song last week, with this elegant selection by “Old blue eyes,” Frank Sinatra.  I would encourage you to visit Don’s blog to be enchanted by his personal stories of 45 years of being … Continue reading

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Birds’ Weekend

Well, it was a birds’ weekend for the men in the family who rode all the way to Baltimore to see the Orioles win two games!  This year’s team is very exciting and is winning enough to be  contenders for … Continue reading

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Ta Ta For Now!

A season comes to an end as another begins.  Our spring season in India has turned into 108-109 degrees of summer. The computer challenges of the beginning of our visit have returned with our internet being disconnected. We can thank … Continue reading

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