Girls’ Weekend in Skaneateles, New York

Just like last year, the guys in our family headed to Baltimore for a weekend of baseball.  This time to see the Yankees, who are universally  hated by most fans in the country unless, of course,  they are from NYC.  The series was split and professor was pleased that finally after a dry spell, the Orioles might be in the series. . . .  .long time until October, but hope springs eternal! unnamed (42)   Camden Yard, one of the urban fields in baseball. Enough baseball.. . . the girls from Troy headed to Skaneateles for the Lavender Festival!  The men were happy to miss that so it all worked out well. images (6)early-morn   Jul 09 2011_2283   Of course when there is a summer festival of any kinds, there are vendors selling jewelry, lavender creams, food, and even lavender iced tea. One of the tents held a mom seeling lovely glass jewelry and her teenage daughter was doing henna tatoos.  The girls were enthusiastic. 30-Easy-Simple-Mehndi-Designs-Henna-Patterns-2012-Henna-Tattoo-For-Beginners-21 9023c0fe2d8f6897870da8f0f2e712b4 She was doing simple elegant designs.  I had had my hands done at a wedding in India just days before we left so my family had seen it when we arrived home.  The henna tattoos last from one to two weeks. On the way back to Albany, we stopped at Wegmann’s the world’s most wonderful food market and their mama bought a book and bottle for the henna mix I had brought from India.  What fun to share this with their friends when there seems “nothing else to do during summer vacay!”   It was a hot day so the three girls took a dip in the Skaneateles Lake which is clear and very cold. It is the source for water for all of Syracuse, a very large city  nearby. 52255eed58095.preview-620 (1)   This shows that there is no beach just a swimming area near the center  of town.  This is an image from the public domain of a swimming race.

All were hungry so we decided to visit Doug’s Fish Fry which is very popular  and very tasty.  On Friday night, the traditional fish fry night, the line is continuously down the street for most of the dinner hour.  We decided on Saturday night when it was more accessible. storefront_skaneateles5 Friday night line at Doug’s. cafeteria-establishing-zojpg-2c226b98f40c2bb7_large Standing in line to order and large family table seating. our-fish-dinners-one Delicious fried fish and onion rings! Next day, we were off to Aurora another small lake town where Wells College is located. It is filled with lovely large old colonial homes that are inns and antique shops. We ate at the lunchroom connected to the bakery that produces  the delicacies served at the Inn.  I definitely want to return , stay the night and explore. images (3) images (7) images (9) images (10) unnamed (44) A stroll near the lake after dinner. unnamed (43) Notice the moon, though it looks tiny and far away. This was one of the nights when it is nearest the earth and looked huge!   Hmmm . . . .

Another weekend, with three generations of Bell females having fun and making memories!

final poster for website


Some images from public domain


Have you been to a lavender festival? What things do you like to do on a summer weekend?  Would you prefer  a festival or a baseball game?  How do you make family, multi-generational memories? 

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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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60 Responses to Girls’ Weekend in Skaneateles, New York

  1. Lovely! I love the henna tattoo designs 🙂


    • annetbell says:

      They are great! I am bummed that I don’t have a picture of mine in India. It was at a simple home the night before the wedding. We were taken by our faithful bus driver. I had two women, one on each hand sitting at my feet on the floor. They just do it quickly with all the experience they have. Next we went outside into the street…side neighborhood street, and line danced. . . wild experience. These are the best memories for me in India that we had so unusual for tourists!


  2. lauramacky says:

    I have to get this in here…..GO A’S and for that matter. GO GIANTS! hahahaha


  3. Take me out to the ballgame.


  4. LAMarcom says:

    Believe it or not, but during all my years and beers (and foreign far east asia ports), I never got a tattoo.
    Loved the photos. Love lavender.
    Lovely post.


  5. Wow, I love lavender. What a great idea for a festival. Thanks for sharing. Good photos. Hugs, Barbara


    • annetbell says:

      It was fun. Not as spectacular as the lavender in Provence….but it was lovely! I do sound like a lavender snob now don’t I? Thanks so much for the comment and reblog as well. Lovely!


  6. Great post and lovely photos, thanks for sharing, annetbell! 🙂


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