Invasion of the Central American Children

Have you heard this tragic story that is happening now in the United States? It is not being shown on many of stations.

It may be a surprise to those of you who don’t watch Bill O’Riley to see that his show does present both sides of very hard issues.

My heart breaks for these children and I remember my 7 years teaching in Arizona, but I also know that we are a country of laws and I reject the anarchy of disregarding and obeying laws. This is a picture taken this week in Mexico of a north bound train.  The title is  “American Dream Here We Come!  This reminds me of pictures of Indian people riding on the tops of trains, but in the 1940s,  Gandhi’s time.

A small rural town in Virginia came together to talk down the administration about sending a huge group of teenage boys to their town to be housed in an empty college campus. The governor of Massachusetts, Duval Patrick, a close friend with the president, was slated to receive some of the children without being consulted or asked.

Sending the children to school sounds like an easy option but it is challenging. Teachers are used to teaching all public school children, but most of the immigrant children no matter their age have never been to school nor have their parents. That means beginning at the beginning. . . .

I remember especially in 2005-2007 driving to school and seeing men standing on the corners waiting to be picked up for day labor. They live in flop houses with many others and send the money back to their families in Mexico.

What about the governments of Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and Dominican Republic?  Don’t they have responsibility for their own citizens? I would love to hear your reactions to this story.  Have you heard of this situation in the US?  What do you think should be done?

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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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2 Responses to Invasion of the Central American Children

  1. Great post. Living in Utah, I see a lot of Mexican and Central American children and families. They are good people. But what the administration is doing is short-sighted at best. Even the efforts by politicians to reform immigration seem so sophomoric in their thinking. It is actually really simple. We need good enforcement of the borders to keep the cartels out, but for anyone yearning to flee their homeland to find a land of opportunity, if they are willing to pay taxes, obey the law, work hard, and speak English, then they are welcome. The immigration laws in this country are ludicrous. They are such a huge mess of conflicting ideals and overly difficult requirements that it is not a surprise that immigrants often choose the illegal path. My sister-in-law, however, is still in legal limbo because she and the rest of my wife’s family have all insisted on doing it legally. She’s actually working as a nurse in Virginia and yet she can’t get a green card, but the president wants to just give residency to people who have violated our laws in coming here and then insist that we, the natives, learn their language. It’s backwards.


  2. annetbell says:

    Oh David, thank you so much for your well conceived and expressed view on this complicated situation. It is indeed backwards! Now Governors Brewer and Perry are sending troops to the border as their states are bursting. Mesa School district where I taught from 2005-2012 had some schools that were 95% Latino and non English speakers. AZ is an English only state so immediately the children were in English classes. All the teachers had to get training to teach ELL or English Language Learners as well as English speakers. About 2009 or 2010, many of the immigrants left AZ as new laws made it difficult for workers to get jobs. (The people who hired them, were arrested!” So the immigrants moved north, probably up to you as the laws were still more lenient. Mesa had a real mess on its hands, and many schools closed.. . . I think about 10 elementary schools. In the height. There were 66 elementary schools in this 35th largest district in the country. When schools close, teachers lose jobs and other positions such as aides are gone. During the time of the height of immigrants in Phoenix area, it was said that there was often a 24 hour waiting time at emergency rooms in local hospitals due to the immigrant population. It is hard for people who are sensitive to their plight, but tax-payers and legal workers to be understanding

    I hope your sister-in-law soon gets her green card. We need to have these hardworking and dedicated people in our country, working and contributing but here in some orderly way, following a plan that benefits the US as well as the immigrants.


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