Special Models, Special Fashion Shoot in India

Shoot for beauty / rupa designs

Updated 7 hours ago · Taken at Mango Studio New Delhi
This is the positive capitalism and entrepreneurship company   so prevalent   in  India.  It seems that no matter how successful many of the Indians become through work and talent, many of them never forget the people who need a helping hand and offer them one!
“To whom much is given, much is expected.”


A photo shoot for acid attack survivours one of them is designer herself her name is Rupa she is in white dress others are laxmi,Ritu,Sonam,chanchal…inspite of taking professional models we took these bful girls as models bcz they define beauty,courage,postiveness, there is so much to beauty and these girls are strong enough to show that these girls love to get photographed i mean they are jst crazy for it v happy to work for dem wid dem 🙂 thanx to Ritika Vats too for making these dolls look mre bful wid her hairdo 🙂I dedicate this shoot to every women on earth..all of you are bful from skinny to healthy,dark to fair,tall to short,ebony to porcelain-skinned; the quirky, clumsy, shy, outgoing and all in between so ladies live ur life stay happy no matter who say what you are beautiful believe in it have courage fight back if u stand many will follow you….Rise and shineyou can help rupa in fulfilling her dream of opening her boutique..by visiting the site below
#stopvoilenceagaistwomen#spreadlove#bringsmilesnottears 🙂
There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness….lets bring smile of some faces.
Rahul Saharan's photo.
Rahul Saharan's photo.
Rahul Saharan's photo.
Rahul Saharan's photo.
Rahul Saharan's photo.
No matter where we live or our life’s experiences, there is always some kindness we can pass along to those who need it! 

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