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Meteor Over Maine

This picture and the video are from a police car on patrol during the night.  Pretty amazing! All over the news in the US but not sure of other places. Thought it was too good to miss!  

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25 True Mind-Blowing Things!

These 25 Things Might Sound Crazy But They’re Mind-Blowingly True. #9 Is AWESOME. June 18, 2014 Other Stuff  It’s a strange place, this world we live in. Cars park on driveways and drive on parkways, hot dogs come in packs of … Continue reading

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Star Trails by Sunchaser

This is some mighty cool night sky photography!

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Jantar Mantar Jaipur

Posted  first on March 14, 2013by annetbell These handsome guards asked if we wanted pictures with them, so of course we did. Then they asked for money!   Jaipur is definitely more of a tourist town.  They got us!  We were ready … Continue reading

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What the Ancients Knew- India ( Discovery Channel Documentary

Gifts from the ancient people of India that are still contributing to the world at large today. Learn of the science, technology, water harvesting, mathematics, steel construction, in architecture and medicine.

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On November 5, 2013, India became a member of an elite group of countries US, Russia, China, and Japan sending rockets to  Mars to explore the many  question of  the “Red Planet.”The Indian ship, Mangalyaan which means “Mars Craft” in … Continue reading

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Jantar Mantar

This is one of the five observatories built by Sawai Jai Singh II and is the best preserved and  largest. The park contains sixteen instruments and after four hundred years some are still used to forecast hot summers, the expected … Continue reading

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