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“The Martian”

Well then, I usually try to be more topical with my film watching, but  we hadn’t seen this film and last night did  On Demand. snug in our living room.   I do know that it came out in October … Continue reading

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Rosetta Now and Then

This man who worked on the mission , had a great deal of faith in the success of the landing. He invested in a permanent and quite expensive “tat” on his thigh before the  event!  In response to the historical … Continue reading

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“Interstellar”, the film

Well, today was a definite first for me.  I saw a geeky science fiction space travel movie and I loved it!   Now I am not one who has a fascination with stars, planets, galaxies, or space  exploration.   That … Continue reading

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Indian Spacecraft, “Mom” First to Orbit Mars !

“Mom”, the affectionate  name given to the Indian spacecraft, reached Mars orbit on Wednesday, beating  China, the Americans, the Soviets, and Europe and all on a shoestring budget. $74 million  to be exact which was less than the budget to … Continue reading

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We saw this yesterday and it is amazing. Try to see it in 3D at an IMAX theater or on the largest screen available. You will leave having not a clue how it was made. Good story as well as … Continue reading

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