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Freedom Provides Choices

When people ask about the political situation in the United States during my lifetime, somewhere in my rambling reply is that nothing  can compare to to the Vietnam era especially 1968. The picture above is from the demonstration that turned … Continue reading

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Paul Macdonald

Paul Macdonald is a  writer on Social Media under the name of Elijah Returns. He has lived all over the world and has exhaustive writing on the Bible as his spiritual journey has led from   early in his life … Continue reading

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Chrisitian Persecution in India

 Christian persecution by Hindus rises in India, say humanitarian groups By Perry Chiaramonte Published March 14, 2016 This is  world wide persecution.  The US government is resisting calling the persecution and religious killings in the Middle East , genocide. I … Continue reading

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Bogside, Derry

As we ate our proper Irish breakfast in the small dining room of our B&B, I struck up a conversation with the woman who had come  and cooked for us. While I am always happy to share my story, I … Continue reading

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Mr. Modi’s American Facebook Fans!

The Upshot SOCIAL MEDIA LEADER Narendra Modi’s American Facebook Fans OCT. 1, 2014 Mr. Modi’s popularity in India and even in the States is from his authenticity and love for his people and his country. As I have observed before, … Continue reading

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Senator (Dr.) Rand Paul

Granted he was speaking at the Conservative PAC meeting yesterday, where  later he won the straw poll of the audience. This may be the man who will carry the conservative/Republican line in the election of 2016 for the presidency of … Continue reading

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Frankly Speaking with Rahul Ghandi

The journalist Arnab Goswami  interviewed  Rahul Ghandi, the presumed candidate for Prime Minister  from the Congress Party, for 90 minutes of grueling inquiry.  There were questions about Mr. Modi and BBP, Gujarat communal violence, 1984 violence against the Sikhs when … Continue reading

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US Agrees to Work with Mr. Modi

Those  who have been following my posts as the self-proclaimed American campaign manager for Mr. Modi, know that the US has denied him a visa to visit America. Yes, that decision  was made in 2005  based on the unproven allegations … Continue reading

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According to the website , this is a British, Muslim based charity. I am publishing it as I did the comments from people who disagreed with my assessment of Mr. Modi in past posts.  I believe in a democracy, that … Continue reading

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New Yorkers Have Spoken

Some of you may remember the post I made in the summer on three flawed politicians, Mr. Spitzer , Mr. Weiner, and Mr. Modi. This is my update. https://talesalongtheway.com/2013/07/10/three-flawed-politicians/ The picture at the top of the page is a compilation … Continue reading

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