Rosetta Now and Then


This man who worked on the mission , had a great deal of faith in the success of the landing. He invested in a permanent and quite expensive “tat” on his thigh before the  event! 

In response to the historical event yesterday of the Rosetta Spacecraft’s 310 million -mile-bull’s eye landing on the comet, I was doing a little reading  research.  The mission  begun with a take off ten years ago under the guidance of ESA, a consortium of partners. The acronym stands for European Space Agency and is  made up of 20 European members.  NASA had a part in the mission as well.  The Rosetta traveled 6.4 billion miles before landing on the comet which is now named 67P.   The purpose is to learn the history of the solar system through various experiments.  Congratulations to all involved and I hope this knowledge will help to enrich lives on earth.

But honestly, my interest in science is limited to wonder and amazement and little understanding.  But those who follow my blog, know that I love history, including ancient history.  We have been so blessed to live several time in Rome, visit Greece and Egypt.  I am fascinated with the latter and especially the hieroglyphs.  I loved having my students write their names in this mysterious writing.

So this morning when I ran across the BBC video below, I had to watch it!   I am an associative learner , making comparisons and contrasts between different concepts to understand them better.  So I have come to  this post  where the mysterious stone unlocked the world of ancient  Egyptian language and  a Rosetta Spaceship may prove the vehicle to unlock the history of the solar system.


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