“In Bruges” . . . . . . . . Film Review

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Here I am on another Saturday morning reviewing one of my favorite old films from 2008.  There are several layers of story, setting  and actors which which come together to entertain in “In Bruges.”

Collin Farrell and Brendon Geason star as two Dublin hitmen who are on the run and actually hold up in the medieval city of Bruges, Belgium.  This wonderfully preserved Medieval city  is  a beautiful contrast to the British/American black comedy. Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson are joined later by the splendid Ralph Fiennes. Colin Farrell, who is one of my favorite actors is very convincing, I think because he is let alone be be his Irish self !

Oh the language is what to be expected of two hit men which I never like but seems to be the norm today.

So I  this film  still wears well after  8 years.  The humor is “laugh out loud”,  the fear and pain palatable,  and the architecture magnificent.   The film is available for free on Youtube.com  Here is a question  posed by Collin Farrell about climbing the tower in the center of town, one of  sites for tourists:

“Why do I have to climb up there to see what is down here?  I am already down here!?   Good question, Ray!

Here are the funniest scenes that someone has compiled in YouTube, though for me it is the context and characters’ history which make the comedy shine~

Complete film from YouTube.

4 starts out of 5 for me.  Let me know if you  have seen this or do decide to check it out.



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4 Responses to “In Bruges” . . . . . . . . Film Review

  1. ksbeth says:

    i absolutely loved this film! and it made me want to visit bruges.

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  2. Mike Sinnott says:

    Seen this and been to Bruges. I was skeptical before viewing this film but was pleasantly surprised and loved the setting of old Bruges. Rare to see a movie set in this historical place.

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