Hackshaw Ridge. . . . . A Film

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Medic, Desmond Doss, running into the battle without a gun, only his medic supplies ,to try to save lives.

This film has some of the bloodiest and authentic battlefield scenes since “Saving Private Ryan”  and actually is reminiscent of the violence in Quinton Tarantino’s films. Actually , it  is an ironic setting for the journey of a young soldier who is a conscientious objector who wants to serve his country but without a gun in the center of the battlefield.  Private Desmond Doss was the first “conscientious objector medic” to win the highest honor of Medal of Honor.

The film is full of conflicts , war with the Japaneses at Okinawa, internal conflict of Doss in his heart and mind trying to follow God’s commands in the hellish atmosphere. There is also conflict with his fellow soldiers.  All this is conflict in interpretation  and practice of religion, duty to God , and the horrors of war.  These are conflicts that are evident today as we struggle in our journey. . . freedom of religion in the United States.

Mel Gibson is the director of the film. He is talented but controversial in his words and behavior, but this work may be his redemption in Hollywood.  To give you some anecdotal stories of the opening of Hack Saw Ridge, the audience gave the film a ten minute standing ovation after the credits in the opening in Venice, Italy. Our showing was at the Spectrum Theater in Albany. It It is the art movie theater who is selective usually in their shows to include only progressive messages. In fact, because of the star’s active faith, I was surprised that it was playing there.  There are 8 small theaters and we were in one of to the larger ones. It had been out for several weeks and we were surprised that on the weekend after Thanksgiving, the theater was almost full.  First surprise.  Second surprise was at the end of the showing during the credits, applause broke out .  Not a standing ovation but strong and sustained applause. . . in Albany, New York!   Pretty surprising that one!

In my opinion. . . this is Oscar materiel for next year and I give it  * * * * * * out of 6  stars!

Wait until you see how the Lord answers Doss’  prayer of , ” Let me save just  one more. . .

“Hacksaw Ridge” :The Bloody, True Story of Faith in Action

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  1. mikefleckcreator says:

    No way, wow! I wasn’t expecting such a strong return from Mel. This is encouraging to read. Great article! Do you feature your writing on any other sties at all?


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