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Baby boomers were brought up on Westerns.  Do you  remember Gun Smoke, Wagon Train, Bonanza, and Rawhide?  Longmire is a crime drama but also a  Neo-Western. Similarities but modernized in plots. Longmire is the local sherif who works to solve major crimes in his county.   There are Native Americans but now they are  Casio owners, pretty girls and  one is a Deputy in the police department.  There is a bar but  not a saloon .  There are guns, criminals, and  no horses but  pick-up trucks. The setting is in the West. . . . Wyoming, land of the big dramatic sky. There are stories about drugs on the” res,” gangs,  organized crime.  Life was so less complicated on those far away westerns we watched as kids.

The stories are quite good  in part because the series is based on  Craig Johns books “Walt Longmire Mysteries.”  It started on A&E and was picked-up by Netflix in 2015 to to the present.  No film in the theater was appealing this weekend so we have been catching up on Longmire.

Contrary to Westerns in the past, no one wears a white hat, which in the past was the signal of the “good guy”.  The show has shades of gray rather than black and white much  as it seems   in society  these days !

There are 5 seasons available.  I would suggest that you start with season 1 to see if you like it.  if you  don’t want to do that, though, just jump in .  There are characters who go in and out of the series and a continuing story line, but  you will be able to follow it with little problem.




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4 Responses to Longmire. . . . . Netflix

  1. Page Shields says:

    Joe and I are regular watchers!

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  2. Nan Mathers says:

    I can’t believe this show is cancelled. There were too many loose ends at the end of Season 6. Please someone, pick this show up. It’s our utmost favorite!

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    • annetbell says:

      I guess we are not up to speed. I did hear that it is over at the end of season 6. That is a bummer when a show ends when it is still appealing. David always says that these series are much better than a 2 hour film because there is time of plot and character development . I am looking forward to Homeland and House of Cards. Let me know if I am missing something good that you like!


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