Faith in Sedona

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Most people would think of New Age Religion  with an  empathizes on nature  when questioned about  faith in Sedona, vortexes, crystals, and the red rocks.  There are many Crystal Shops and New Age card reading.  But it is the magnificent red rocks that are the drawing card for New Age followers.  This is not my emphasis but I thought it  significant enough in Sedona to mention it.  Here is a definition of vortex, a word you hear often there:

Sedona Vortexes. A vortex is a place, usually on or near an interesting rock formation, where people have reported feeling inspired by a beneficial source of energy. If you’re skeptical, that’s okay – looking forvortexes (vortices?) is still a fun excuse for a hike

I would like to show and tell about two places of worship, one a  nondenominational chapel  and one Catholic Church that,too, seems nondenominational in its appeal  to all people.   The first is a chapel for weddings and meditation located in Tlaquepaque.

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Hmm. . . a light out on the chandler! Notice the wonderful carved  doorway.

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Image result for wedding reception at chapel tlaquepaque

A few miles up the road is an amazing Red Rock Catholic Chapel Chapel of the Holy Cross)  built  in and on the edge of the dramatic red rocks.

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Walkway from parking up to the chapel.

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“More than half a century after its construction, the Chapel of the Holy Cross continues to be a place of wonder, spiritual renewal, and sublime vistas for all who come to Sedona.

This spiritual citadel on a hill is one of the “must see” sights of Sedona. One of Sedona’s earliest landmarks is also one of its most endearing — the Chapel of the Holy Cross, where people of all denominations come to offer their prayers, supplications, and praises–and to marvel at the building’s distinctive architecture and the panoramic vistas from its site.”

There is a lovely gift shop in the basement. I was very taken with nativity scenes from many countries and cultures.  It just seemed perfect for a place of worship that opens its arms to people of all faiths for prayer, worship, and meditation.

Just a little more information to show you how spectacular and popular an  Arizona site,   Sedona is to visitors and natives alike.


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