La Posada, Winslow, Arizona

lp4Banner La Posada means “the inn” in Spanish.  It is, also,  a celebration in Mexico 9 days before Christmas to celebrate the journey of Mary and Joseph searching for lodging  shortly before the baby Jesus was born in a stable.  They were unable to find “room at an inn.”  La Posado in Winslow, Arizona means elegant Spanish Inn which started as the vision of Mary Colter renounced architect, best known for her work at the Grand Canyon. Winslow, az 2013 022 Actually, it is necessary to take one more step backwards to Fred Harvey, who “civilized the west” and his introduction of “linen, silver, crystal and impeccable service,” to cross country train travel in the United States.  He developed and ran the hotels and restaurants on the Sante Fe Railroad.  His neatly uniformed Harvey Girls were the servers at all the sites. la-posada-hotel In 1920, Harvey  wanted to build a major hotel in the north of Arizona.  His vision was for travelers from the east to stop and stay a week or so to visit all the sights within a day’s travel by car,  Grand Canyon,the Navajo Nation, Canyon De Chelly, 4 Corners, and  Monument Valley.  At the end of touring in the area of Winslow, the travelers would board another train and journey on to the west coast.  His admiration for Mary Colter’s design sense allowed for her to design evrey detail from the building , to furniture, and  the gardens.  Ms. Colter considered La Posada to be her best and favorite work. az1 No mention of La Podada is complete without a mention of the food created and served in the “Turquoise Room.”  The menu states the chef uses local meat, produce, and recipes  from Navajo and local farms in a new and innovative way.   We have eaten there on a number of occasions either stopping for lunch or dinner and the one stay overnight and each time the food has been stellar. Everything is created in their kitchen by their award winning chef,  We don’t usually stay in such elegant hotels but we do love good food.  This food is in the league of any chef in New York City! La Posada and Winslow deserve a visit if you are in the neighborhood and “Take It Easy!” SAM_1948 Public Domain images

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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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6 Responses to La Posada, Winslow, Arizona

  1. markbialczak says:

    There’s a girl, my lord, on a flatbed Ford, she’s slowing down to take a look at me …

    The Eagles liked to Take It Easy in Winslow, Arizona, Anne.


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  3. lauramacky says:

    This is amazing! I want to go there!


  4. Aquileana says:

    What a delightful and beautiful place. Great post, best wishes, Aquileana 🙂


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