Lunch at the Canteen of Cept University


Namaste. . . . . .

Isn’t this a wonderful meeting place to rest in the shade, visit with friends, meet new people or eat a meal? One day, I met some boys from Afghanistan who were not studying architecture but another design curriculum.  I tried to do some one on one personal diplomacy!

Back to lunch!  This is a full lunch that was available everyday, with choices  available during lunch and supper hours.


This was a “full” lunch which was roti, ( the flat bread), rice or vegetables like cabbage with some raw vegetable ( which we didn’t eat) , not sure what the right hand corner is. It looks like meat but this is “total veg” restaurant.  I think maybe it is “aloo ” which is chunks of  potatoes. ( Maybe one of my Indian food experts can tell us. )  At the bottom left is dal, soupy beans, sweets, and yogurt on the right. Notice the spoon for eating.  Gujuratis usually use their bread and dip or pick-up the food with their hands.  We started having yogurt with every meal like the Indians that really helped with digestion. My favorite is mango lassi, a drink that sadly has lots of calories.  All this meal cost about $0.70 in dollars! And as far as we can tell, none of us ever were sick from eating at the canteen.  That is a very good thing.

Well, if you are not quite hungry enough to eat all that food , there is a half-portion:IMG_4057

You can see the vegetables clearer in this shot. Peas are mutter. And this “small” portion is $0.30 in dollars and more than enough. A soda was 100 rupees or $2.00 but that seemed reasonable to us. There were juices, water bottles and cookies for sale.  This is where we would eat Poah for breakfast that I posted months ago.  Someone told us this canteen is subsidized by the government for the students and many eat all their meals there.

The canteen is not just a meeting place for students, visitors, faculty and staff, but there are always four legged visitors as well. images (9)

Mama dog and puppies and the proverbial begging , stealing monkeys!  IMG_0045


This young dog who seems to be on his own, finds lots of left-overs.

Now you have some small pictures as to why the professor said that he and I were the only people in the history of the India Program who come back to the States heavier than when we left. . . . .lots of delicious Indian food and we loved it all!

This Is Incredible India!

Google images, public domain

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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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14 Responses to Lunch at the Canteen of Cept University

  1. Wonderful plates of food 🙂


  2. YellowCable says:

    The foods look good. I think it depends on you like Indian foods or not. I might fall in the same category 🙂


  3. jazzytower says:

    Wow! There was a whole lotta eating going on there. LOL.


  4. i*Kan says:

    Looks yum. The flat bread in the “full plate” is called a poorie, which is fried. Rotis are roasted on a pan. I think you’re right about the vegetable. Does look like aloo.


  5. i*Kan says:

    Me too! Everything looks so good!


    • annetbell says:

      The food was delicious. Check my post Poha for Breakfast to see what they gave us for breakfast. Professor said he and I were the only people ever to visit India and come home heavier than when we went. The students ate on the streets and were sick all the time. We ate at school and then restaurants at night. Loved Indian food and there was a Middle Eastern restaurant when we had had enough and a Dominoes and KFC at the mall. I have post on KFC that I am going to re-post soon.


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