International Kite Festival in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad celebrates 2000 festivals during the year.  According to  me, that is over 5 per, each day of the year. In all honesty, we didn’t see or participate in anywhere near that number, but January 14-15  was memorable.  We were only in country about two weeks by that time so it was all so new and exciting. Wait, we really never  got over that feeling  of wonder and awe even after 4 months, when our  time was over. These two days are a holiday known as this Kite Festival, Uttarayan,  and are one of the largest festivals of the year. It is a two day holiday so all can participate.


A perfect day and event for a politician, so meet Mr. Modi who is the Chief Minister of Gujarat, the state  of Alhmedabad.  He  is a declared candidate for Prime Minister for the BJP Party  in the national 2014 elections.

This part of the festival is at the bank of the Sabarmati  River in an flat, open space. When we arrived, it was packed with people and we were traveling in a group  of 13, which we soon realized was impossible. We  got separated from a couple of girls which was scary as we had not made ” a meet at this spot” plan to reconnect. We waited ,standing with our backs to a wall, sun glasses on, as several scouts were sent out. This was the place where we first  noticed people taking our pictures in such a big way. They would go down the line signalling that they wanted to see our eyes, smiling if they were blue, and snapping pictures often with  their families. It seemed to  bring them so much enjoyment! Oh, I wish I had a photo of that line of celebrities but we were all so taken aback at the attention, that we didn’t take pictures of us having our pictures taken!


The international kites were huge and connected to  enormous spools of line.


Notice the blue sky in the background. It was always blue, and totally devoid of clouds. In four months, there were only sprinkles twice. Monsoon begins in June and goes through August when all the rain for the year falls.  The Sabarmati River is where the Sultan sat and watched the rabbit chase the dog in a previous post, and  he decided to  settle in what is now Ahmedabad.

Uttarayan is the name of the festival. The symbolism is  of the gods awaking from the sleep of winter.  Kite flying began in Muslim Persia as a sport for the king. Today it has spread as a favorite all throughout  the Muslim world, but is enjoyed in India by Muslim and other religions alike.  Many of you have read The Kite Runner set in Afghanistan. My friend Meena in Arizona, who is Pakistani, told me that there were a group of Pakistani men who meet in a Phoenix park to fly kites together.


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These are real Kite Birds flying with the kite.


In India, no opportunity to dance is missed. These cultural dancers added to the air of happiness and festivity.

Stay tuned for the Kite Festival in the Pols of Ahmedabad tomorrow.

This is Incredible India !

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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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  1. The kite festival is extraordinary, festive, first when I was little love doing it, and my favorite kite time it was kind of an eagle.

    greetings of peace
    calligraphy archipelago


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