Indian Haircut!


This is, of course, the choice of most Indian people for haircuts.  Indian hair is thick and luxurious and the envy of most white westerners.  The barber sets up his stool, fixes his mirror, and is ready for business. I did notice that entrepreneurial  Indians tend to claim a spot so that his customers know where to find him. I have discussed this business practice in other posts.    With all the adjustments we needed to make to our everyday life, arriving in January to Ahmedabad, hair cuts were not an immediate need.  Most of us had taken care of that before leaving home. So we had  weeks to decide where we would have our hair cut.  This is a very important decision for me, if not all the students and my husband.


I had told you that the girls and I visited Himalaya Mall and later Alpha One to check them out. I noticed several western salons in Himalaya  Mall and went there when  I started getting shaggy!  Both of the hairdressers who cut my hair  had limited English, and I of course, had no Indian languages.  They both understood “short” though, that was enough! I did miss talking with my hairdresser, but I  will have lots of stories to tell her when I return to  New York.  I did not have them color my hair in anyway, as I had noticed Indian people with orange hair.  That is probably as a result of trying to lighten the Indian black hair, but I was taking no chances as that orange color might be popular in India , but was not the color I was going for!  Gray will be fine until I get home!

Several of the students had electric razors and were shaving their heads. Tiffany was one.  She was willing to take customers , paying or for free.  My architect was happy with free so we met in the lane in front of the hostel.  Yes, the very lane that is home to Ginger, and  Burnt-Marshmallow and the other dogs as well as many monkeys, peacocks and peahens, squirrels, and parrots.


Here is Tiffany working her magic on the professor.  Don’t be nervous Tiff. . . .he wants it all gone!  When she got tired and the batteriers wore down, we had to take a break!  D was a little concerned at having to go to school the next day with his head only half shaved!   But good old Kun-Mi stepped in later and finished the job!


So Tiffany and Kun-Mi had gotten into the age old tradition of India and became  entrepreneurial. Oh, I wonder if David paid them?

This is Incredible India!  . . . . . . Namaste


Here are Ginger, Burnt-Marshmallow and the professor going into the hostel!

About annetbell

I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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22 Responses to Indian Haircut!

  1. Hi Annet,
    enjoyed the post. Many of the times barber forget to change the blades for shaving. I always ask them(barbers) to change the blade before I get any thing done(like shaving). For hair cut, people generally go to the same barber all the time. Barbers(to locals) become family barbers(in a way).



  2. Rusha Sams says:

    Cutting hair outside is really not a bad idea! Thanks for the good pictures of life as you see it.


  3. It’s always interesting to hear the perspective of someone who’s not originally from the country….the same ideas get a fresh lease on life..thanks for the share 🙂


  4. That’s awesome! 🙂


  5. Gaurab says:

    It’s very common to get a hair cut in the open, I never thought how alien a thing it would be for an outsider. 🙂


  6. maverickbird says:

    Hi Ann
    It’s a very big “not” thing to do in Indian metros and I have lived in the big 3.This kind of outdoor barber shops are limited to non metro cities and small towns.In metros you find mostly the immigrant workers patronizing such enterprises because they are cheap.You must come to Delhi where Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton gets her hair done or in Mumbai salons where Naomi Campbell patronizes whenever she stays in her boyfriend’s Jaipur home.


  7. I recall getting a shave in the middle of a traffic island in Agra, mirror propped up against a tree stump. 😃


  8. Couldn’t help smiling with old memories at your post and pictures, Ann. I remember there was one barber for all the men in our family and he did a pretty fine job with his handy scissors (sterilized only in hot water!) and mirror and stool. But things have sure changed in urban India now, with the trendiest salon names cropping up everywhere in metro cities…my sister’s haircut now costs more than mine does in the US:)


    • annetbell says:

      Oh thank you so much for taking the time to send this wonderful comment. Boy, I am glad I was living in Delhi and having to pay exorbitant prices. I ma basically a very frugal person and rarely get sucked into things like very expensive haircuts. Guess my hair looks like it , too!


  9. OyiaBrown says:

    Reblogged this on Oyia Brown.


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  11. hobo hippie says:

    Wow this is interesting- do they do hair coloring too? My boyfriend who is Indian just told me about humaam -public showers in the market places. Cool post hobo


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