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Street Dogs In Amdavad

  Namaste! They come in various colors, white, a ginger  brown, black, and  mixtures of the three. A few have long coats and all have pointed  snouts. And they are not pets, or so we thought. The dogs live in the … Continue reading

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Indian Haircut!

This is, of course, the choice of most Indian people for haircuts.  Indian hair is thick and luxurious and the envy of most white westerners.  The barber sets up his stool, fixes his mirror, and is ready for business. I … Continue reading

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Sweeping, Sweeping Everywhere ( from February 9,2013)

In almost six weeks, we  have seen no trash trucks, no recycling bins to be emptied, but endless sweeping , everywhere.  The trash  must go somewhere and that is into piles along the sides of the road. In the mornings, … Continue reading

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