The Modi Wave Turns into the Anti-Congress Tsunami


This man from the Indian state of  Rajasthan has voted and he shows us with the ink mark on his finger. His state had been governed by Congress representatives since 2008 ,  but that party has been resoundingly defeated in the election this week.

Just a quick lesson on political parties in the world’s largest democracy.  Congress has been in power since Independence from Britain in 1947.  This party was started and formed by “elite, educated, and English speaking Indians who could meet and mix with the British during  their rule.  The ruling party is Gandhi /Nehru  family members of the founding  elite.  The queen mother of the party currently is Sonia Gandhi and I read somewhere that she doesn’t even speak Hindi , the unofficial Indian language, but always speaks English.  Her son, Rahul, was the unofficial candidate of Congress for Prime Minister next year.  That is until today’s vote count.

The winner in four of  the five states where votes have been counted ( one will be announced on Monday)  is the BJP of Mr. Modi who is the terribly strong and successful leader from Gujurat.  He has set the Gujurat model of business success and the world is watching. He is also a man from a poor family who is educated in India, not from England.  There is another candidate who did well in Delhi today, Arvind Kejriwal from the AAP or Common Man’s Party. I have had several bloggers talk to me about him. He has termed this, “the election fought on honesty” and his followers carry and sweep with brooms  when they campaigned in poor , illiterate neighborhoods. People would remember and identify with the broom to “sweep the rascals out!”   I personally think that having the AAP party nipping at Mr. Modi’s heels as an  opposition party will be  advantageous in keeping him mindful that he will be Prime Minister of all of India including the 138.000.000 Muslim Indians.  This is a concern of many during the accusations from the 2002 riots in Gujurat.   Power does often become terribly seductive and  balances are always a good thing, in my mind.

The public in India are angry over the lack of services, corruption and complacency of the Indian elite political leaders.   Mr. Modi who is a dynamic speaker has repeatedly called Rahul Ghandi  the prince or heir apparent to continually stir the boiling pot.  The turn-out of this election was over 70% in each of the states.  The Indians put Americans to shame in this regard. voting_elections  Indian people take this privilege of democracy very seriously. In Katherine Boo’s book on the slums in Mumbai, she  told of Indian people saying, “on this day, we are equals with the rich….one man, one vote.”  BN-AQ914_ipolls_G_20131205061949You can see from the pictures, the very long, orderly lines of Indian people  waiting to vote.  This year there were more women waiting to exercise their vote than ever before.


Ironically, this quote from the present Prime Minister, Dr. Singh shows he is very clear about the Indian situation and the dreams and wants of the people. Sadly, he was not willing or able to act  on them.

” Economic growth, social changes, and political empowerment have brought in their wake the new aspirations of an entirely new generation of Indians. This has contributed to growing impatience for faster growth and even better quality of life.  These aspirations and ambitions are exerting pressure on government to deliver more, to perform better, to  be more transparent, and more efficient .  A revolution of rising expectations is underway.” 

India Delhi Election.JPEG-0fc14

Namaste. . . . .This Is Incredible India !

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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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14 Responses to The Modi Wave Turns into the Anti-Congress Tsunami

  1. A very true summation of the current political scenario in the country. It is like being trapped between the devil and the deep sea! Two of the largest parties that have played cat and mouse in the parliament for ages have been displaced by a entirely new player(the AAP), this is what the PM’s message also hints at. On one side there is a fierce, energetic, possibly slightly autocratic and definitely hindutva-promoting strategist and the other hand is and inexperienced puppy clearly back by his mother and a party that seems to be more democratic and corrupt then any other! Now it seems to me that any party that stays in power for too long accumulates a lot of wealth and power which it is bound to misuse. So any change is good. and Democracy is change…


  2. foodbod says:

    You’re teaching me so much, thank you!


  3. Madhu says:

    Admire your grasp of Indian politics Annet. The funny thing is that the two older parties now actually have something in common…their hatred of the AAp!! Although I always suspected they collaborated secretly in maintaining the status quo. Yes the emergence of a third option, however inexperienced, is good for the country. It should keep the others on their toes at the least 🙂


  4. anandkumarrs says:

    Superb post. While on Indian elections, pls read my post –
    Feedback most welcome.


  5. You are surprisingly well acquainted with Indian politics. Great article.


    • annetbell says:

      Well, I lived in Ahmedabad for 4 months and then traveled through India for a month. The obvious difference seemed clearly due to Mr. Modi’s leadership. I talked to lots of young Indians who were so excited about him and their future. Also when I starting blogging, I learned from some people who were not as pro-Modi as I ! I also read as much as possible from other blogs etc. I thank you for saying such a kind thing….me a western woman with no vote but plenty of opinions! I appreciate your kindness!


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