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Where Has Our Humanity Gone?

  Actually, this is not a  new situation,  In ancient texts there is a story of the “Good Samaritan. ” He was an outcast in society who was  totally shunned by the leaders of the time. As he was travelling, … Continue reading

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Ferel Dogs ( From February, 2013)

They come in various colors, white, a ginger  brown, black, and  mixtures of the three. A few have long coats and all have pointed  snouts. And they are not pets, or so we thought. The dogs live in the street scrounging … Continue reading

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The Golden Temple….Part 2 The Langar

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Wandering through the narrow crowded streets to the Golden Temple, we were bombarded with requests to buy orange head scarves.Bare feet and covered heads are mandatory in the temple for both men and women. Our guide…

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