Where Has Our Humanity Gone?


Actually, this is not a  new situation,  In ancient texts there is a story of the “Good Samaritan. ” He was an outcast in society who was  totally shunned by the leaders of the time. As he was travelling, he saw a man, along the side of the road, who had been robbed, beaten, and left for dead. Two prominent religious leaders had simply ignored the man in need by walking on by.  The Good Samaritan, though, felt pity and compassion, helping the man onto his donkey and taking him to an inn.  Out of his own pocket, he paid for care and promised to return and pay for further expenses.

Now to the video. . . . it is easy to look on with disdain and criticize another culture for  their lack of value for human life.  It is startling and touches home to ask about our own conduct  in helping the less fortunate. Are we too busy to stop and care?  Are we too important to associate with the “least among us?” Do we value life wherever we see it?  Do we, do you, do I ?  It is time to check our, no my heart!

Your thoughts? 

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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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2 Responses to Where Has Our Humanity Gone?

  1. shaunynews says:

    That is very hard to watch. The dog pulling it’s friend/mate from the road as others drive over and past a little girl. I really want to be surprised here, I really want to be shocked here. Sadly I could share 100+ video s like this. Humanity exists, we see it every day with individual acts of kindness. But somewhere we got lost as a species. Some don’t care or even notice what you post here. I myself HAD been posting these things for a year and NOBODY really cared. This is when I had 3,000 followers on my old blog. I was angry with humanity. My Father often says “I cry for humanity” and where I didn’t see it before I feel it now myself.

    Well done Anne sharing this, sadly we live in a world where people are too damn busy to stop for 2 seconds to check on another. This isn’t new, look through history, even scripture if that is a person’s will, we see and hear stories of greed, power, death for no reason and worse.

    We are a horrible species with a select few who really feel and care about our World. Sadly the rest don’t care. People are just too busy. Our future will look back at us as savages. Of that there is no argument, how we treat each other is terrible, how we treat the planet is worse. We consume, we are consumerism at any expense. We all complain but WE ALL wear clothes made by the poor who work 100 hours a week for £2. Me included.

    Irony is a killer 😦

    Our recent history is littered with people who cared. We didn’t listen, they got killed.

    I believe the select few were brought here to change, to help, to care and to open eyes. Some open eyes from birth, some wait till they are old. I opened mine when I was in mi mid 20’s. What about you reader? This video here from ALL OVER OUR WORLD gives us hope

    This video here I just love and it was made in 1941!

    Imagine for a SECOND things were different. I share this song as much as I can. Not because I don’t want there to be a heaven, but because it is a message of HOPE AND PEACE and people are too quick to jump on a few Words and the whole meaning of love and peace go away. Well I say grow up Dear Reader. This song below is a METAPHOR for what we should be wanting.

    Anne your humility just oozes from your words lately. Please, PLEASE!! Keep writing about this. I know it may hurt to see a truth we don’t want to. But I ask the reader, do we live for us or for US. This means everyone. Many nations help many nations don’t. But forget all that for a second, if we don’t be better then I do not believe God will accept any of us to his home when our time comes. Why should he? We all sat back and allowed this to happen, and we were warned and warned and warned.

    Sometimes we must love first before we live. Trust me x

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    • annetbell says:

      Shaun, many thanks for your wisdom. We all are on a journey , learning as we go. Some lessons have to be learned more than once and some of us seem to have innate knowledge. This of course adds to the patience we need to have in travelling with others.


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