Salvador Dali

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Salvador Dali was one of the most recognizable artists

of the 20 century. Much of this was  to his  characteristic flamboyant mustache as well as

his piercing eyes.

Dali was  born with high imagination revealed in the  spirit of his work and his  indulgent,

unusual, and grandiose behavior and stylish work.


“Dali loved  everything that was  gilded and excessive. ”


When he was five , his parents told him they believed that

he , Dali, was the reincarnation of his older brother.

Telling a young child such a chilling idea  became more  “surreal”

when it was told him as he was  standing in a cemetery at his brother’s grave.

Image result for image of musee de Dali in paris

Image result for image of musee de Dali in paris

Image result for image of musee de Dali in paris

Near where we stayed in Montmartre, was this small and unassuming gallery  which is the

largest permanent  Dahi exhibit in Paris.  There is a rather interesting  gift shop as well.

The work was beautifully displayed with the whimsical, playful paintings and  sculpture.

Dali, like many creative and imaginative people, had a dark side to his life which you can

research on your own. I preferred the Salvador Dali  who wished to present , amuse and

entertain the public.

Today, there are lots of “Performance Artists.”  For me Dali was the first or one of the first

Performance Artists  who  now  are  quite prevalent.

Thank you Salvador Dali for the joy and  interest  you spurred  through  your  art and the

permission you gave both for  art and life . . . . . that enjoyment is admissible and don’t take

either too seriously  even if you are a famous artist!

Art is to be enjoyed !



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6 Responses to Salvador Dali

  1. GP Cox says:

    Quite a character! He is my favorite. One day hope to see the Dali Museum over in St. Petersburg.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Don Ostertag says:

    I never heard about Dali and his older dead brother. Vincent Van Gogh also had an older brother who died before Vincent was born. His parents named Vincent after the brother who died. In his letters to his brother Theo, Vincent often mentions how he felt when his parents would bring him to the graveyard, and Vincent would see his own name on the gravestone

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kelly MacKay says:

    I just published a story called Beaverbrook bigger better. The new wing has a dedicated gallery for Salvador Dali.
    Thanks for your story, it helped me understand his story.


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