Notes on Baby Driver… . . . . A Film

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David’s turn to choose the film this week  Lots of layers  here.  There is the obvious bank robber story  which is pretty predictable.  Many exciting car chases  that even I liked. The characters have some redeeming qualities in spite of the fact that they steal money from the rich banks!   Hmmm. . . . Robin Hood in the 2000s!   Kevin Spacey is just about the perfect “bad guy!”   Have you seen HOUSE OF CARDS? Baby and Deborah discover each other in the midst of the chaos in a diner , no less,  and experience a  first love which for once does not immediately end up in bed!

We were disappointed in the predictable ending and had hoped for something a tad  more new but on the other hand  with the references to times past makes it acceptable.    Below are some lessons learned from Baby Driver which may bring up memories from your Mama’s words to live by. . . .

“Crime doesn’t pay!”

“Love conquers all !”

And  I think it is in response for the success of LaLA Land .  With the bank robberies, car chases, complicated  evil by mildly sympathetic  characters, it is a musical !   There is  constant  music playing in the background as well in Baby’s earbuds and even some musical moves almost dancing ! Pretty much not predicable for bank robbers.

It is new and entertaining film  with a very good cast of characters.  Because of  the violence in one scene which was gratuitous to me  not even  car chases could overtake and pushed it to a five star.

For me it is  * * * * entertainment!


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