Montmarte in the City of Lights

Our trip began in Paris as a four day celebration of our 50th wedding anniversary.  Montmarte  was my  request thinking of galleries, cafes and meandering among the artist and musicians. 

Yes it is at the top of a rather large hill which we walked  often.  Our steps in Paris were 14,000-15,000 each day.  That is 7-7.5 miles! This helped us maintain or almost the weight we had lost before the trip.

We  had been to  Paris in 1999 for a visit in the summer and then in December  on the way home after a semester with students in Rome. This visit  we tried new accommodations  by renting an AIRB&B .  David was uncomfortable  not wanting to stay in someone’s house, not knowing the owners.  I found an apartment  in Montmarte, one bedroom with a kitchen, bath and living room for about $180 a night.  This was not cheap by any means but much more reasonable than a hotel.   It was comfortable, great location, clean,  and private.  We would eagerly return to Gaelle’s lovely apartment anytime.  Renters and owners   rate the experience so that helps in choosing a location.

We also used Uber for the first time ever in Paris. Our pick-up at the North Station after taking trains from CDG airport was uneventful except for Montemarte being open only for pedestrians on Sunday.  Our driver kept trying this and that winding street until he got us very close to the apartment.  Language or our lack of French was a slight challenge but it all worked out.

Paris, Montmartre, Cathedral

The Basilique Du Sacre-Coeur De Montmarte  is at the top of the hill with steps and sitting on the hill for fabulous views of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  It is said this church and this site was a statement by the church and city. It was thought to show  the church’s position of disdain for the lifestyle of the  Bohemian actors, artists, musicians  , artists , and writers  who lived in the area.  Needless to say, the residents were not happy with the church taking this place of dominance in their Montemarte.  Today there are just many tourists and visitor climbing here and there on steps or cobblestone streets.

We were told that  taking a bottle of wine in the evening for a drink from the steps of the church and viewing the City of Lights was a wonderful and romantic finale to a visit.  We were very late finishing dinner and had to  be ready for pick-up at 7 AM.  We decided to save that experience for  our next visit but  I pass this  along to any of you who visit  Montemarte!

Au Revoir !


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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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2 Responses to Montmarte in the City of Lights

  1. Eric Alagan says:

    50th wedding anniversary – Wow!
    And that bottle of wine promised to have been a truly wonderful and romantic event. Pity you had to miss it. But it’s excuse enough to return 🙂
    Congratulations and all good wishes,

    Liked by 1 person

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