“Megan Leavey” a movie

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Here are Meagan and Rex the stars of the the aforementioned film.  Meagan is a brave Marine and Rex her bomb sniffing dog. Rex is big, strong and an alpha dog who at first is too much for Meagan to handle. They grow to be best dog/person friends who as a team save many lives in Afghanistan. They both are hailed as heroes for the bravery of Rex and Meagan.  She tries valiantly to adopt him which takes much tenacity on her part.

Meagan has a brief love interest but it is her love and  care for Rex which is the lasting and true love in this film.

Here is  an  interesting fact I uncovered about the film.  Rex was and never had been trained as a military bomb sniffing dog.  During those scenes where he is sniffing for bombs, he is really sniffing for treats!

I was struck, too,  how Meagan came from a dysfunctional family  who joined the Marines only to be faced with unrelenting discipline, structure and boundaries.  In her case,  based on a true story, she thrived and survived. I wonder how many don’t?

The desert and war scenes are so dreary and sad.  There is a scene in a rubble town that is so depressing.  I think it is 14 or more years we have been fighting there. When will it be enough and finished?

But though this film shows the sad depressing fighting it tells a beautiful love story between a magnificent regal German Shepherd and a slight Marine  corporal .

It is for anyone who has loved and been loved by a dog.  My husband thought it would be mushy and was surprised that it was decidedly not so. I  cried several times with how touching it was.  We both cried!

Rex changed Meagan’s heart as she changed his heart. . . . . forever.  It is a wonderful story, well told  and acted and deserving of the award.   Such an uplifting film !

* * * * out of 5 Stars.


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