Meet India’s Buttermilk Uncle

If you are in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, buttermilk is your quintessential quick-fix remedy to beat the sweltering heat. There’s no way that you can step out of the house without having your fill for the day.

And just in case if you are around Koti area in Hyderabad, you may see an old man, quietly perched on a plastic stool on a busy road in this heat, with people hovering around him. These people, mostly passersby, are here to grab a glass of cold buttermilk that this old man happens to distribute free of cost. He does this yeoman service for strangers on a daily basis, come what may. And like an indulgent family member, he insists that you have another glass of buttermilk after you have gulped down your first one.

This glass helps cool frayed tempers of people who have no choice but to bake themselves in the searing heat.

The warmth and concern of this old fellow, indeed, makes the world a cool place.

from Newsmobile.IN

This shows  the tender, generous heart of Incredible Indians! Of course this is  not true of all 1 billion + people in India. But we saw  this active love over and over. Maybe it is a result of their religion, 80 % Hindu and their belief in reincarnation, or maybe it is part of their character.  Most, if not all, faith systems hope for a change of heart for its followers.  I personally believe the reason for the head bobble is that they hate saying “no”  when asked for something, so they bobble their head with a combination of yes and no which might mean, “I will try !”  Of course that is only conjecture on my part.  

Just one of he reasons, I adore Incredible India! 

NOTE:  David loves this Indian buttermilk, Masala Chaas, ugh. . .  Buttermilk sounds tasty but it is SOURED MILK, I can’t stand the thought of it!  He has even tried to get some at the Indian stores in the Capital District , but it is not even available in NYC!   My Indian drink of choice is Mango Lassi which is sweet and creamy  and equally good for your digestion of spicy Indian food.  But it is quite fattening.  Isn’t everything that is good? 

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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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  1. Ah I remember butter milk from my Bangalore days!

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