John Perkins. . . . . Leader for Reconciliation

Dr. John Perkins, eighty-five years young will be speaking at Loudonville Community Church this weekend at the church’s first local  “Mission Possible Conference.”  Dr. Perkins was born into Mississippi poverty, but fled to California after the death of his brother at the hands of  a local sheriff.  Vowing never to return to Mississippi, Dr. Perkins did return home in 1960 after his personal  conversion to follow Christ in his faith journey.

Dr. Perkins’s life has been and continues to be a testament of reconciliation and faith  in Mississippi and the greater world. He is one of the few evangelical voices that has come out of the Civil Rights movement of the sixties. Racial reconciliation and Christianity development drive him to continue to speak and share his vision.

Years ago, he and his wife started a Day Care Center in their town to help their neighbors. This  lead to the national Head Start Program which Dr. Perkins championed.  He worked for voter registration, school disintegration.  He enrolled his son in a formally all white school. He lead and participated in peaceful  boycotts  resulting in jail time. Dr. Perkins was instrumental in the founding of the  WIC, Women Infants and Children program.  This is a program to provide formula, cheese, milk, and peanut butter as nutrition for poor women.  He never forgot that his own mother had literally starved to death as only skin and bones seven months after his birth.


On Friday, April 29th, dinner with Dr. Perkins at 6 PM in the school gymnasium at Loudonville Community Church.  Dr. Perkins will speak  after the meal. Reservations required on church website. 

Saturday morning: Workshop presentation of the Capital District ministries of reconciliation at the church.

Sunday Morning, Dr. Perkins will share at services of worship at 9AM and 11AM.

“Do Justice Together in Our City”

Hear Dr. Perkins share his lifelong belief that the Gospel of Christ provides not only for spiritual needs but physical ones, as well. 

All welcome!

Visit the church website to make reservations for the public, Friday night dinner. Already there are reservations from 25 local churches.  or call the church office at


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