Tales of My Brother. . . . George Bowler Tullidge III

George Bowler Tullidge III’s story is presented on this website.



About annetbell

I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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15 Responses to Tales of My Brother. . . . George Bowler Tullidge III

  1. Jane Timberlake Helwig says:

    Anne, thank you for posting this information! It is wonderful to have it in one place. Your brother’s story never fails to move me to tears. We all can appreciate George’s heroism and the bravery of all those who help keep us free. I am so proud to be a member of your extended family and to have my own copy of your mother’s book, which she gave me 30 years ago. Someday I want to visit that part of France and George’s grave in England to pay my respects.

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    • annetbell says:

      Jane, being at Normandy is walking on holy ground! Thank you for your kind words and support. I am so glad we found each other after such a long time. Much love, cousin Jane!


  2. annebell, George’s story of service & ultimate sacrifice in 1945 as told by your sister is not only an important family document to preserve your family history but is part of the fabric of the American history of WWII. I am sure you are so very proud of him! Phil


  3. annetbell says:

    Thank you for your encouragement and kindness, Philip. This is exactly what you are doing for your family!


  4. GP Cox says:

    Outstanding tribute. I was so happy to see the display finally up in France. I’m certain anyone who receives “The Paratrooper’s Faith” will enjoy their copy as much as I do!

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  5. Don Ostertag says:

    I read a little of ‘The Paratrooper’s Faith’ every day. Thank you again,
    Ann, for that wonderful booklet compiled by your extraordinary mother. And thanks to your brother, George, for his ultimate sacrifice. I repeat, I am proud to have been a member of the 82nd Airborne following in the footsteps of George and his fellow troopers.

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  6. Zanette M Best says:

    I came across a copy of A Paratroopers Faith today. As a former paratrooper myself, I had to have it. Thank you for sharing this with the world. What a beautiful tribute.

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