Naughty Indian Monkeys

Namaste !

This big guy  visited the roof of our hostel for food from Mukhus, the cook.  Mukhus would hold the food in his hand and have one of the monkeys get close enough to take it in his hand!   We were not so foolish but we were memorized by the monkeys or honestly, I was.  Our room was only a few steps from the roof, and close enough to hear one of the Indians yelling. . . “Mon-Keys, Mon-Keys!”  to alert us  of a visit and photography opportunity.

The monkeys had lots of personality and are  fearless.  We had to be on the look-out  for where they were at all times. They are attracted to shiny objects and if you put your sun glasses down , even for a second, they might be gone when you go to put them back on. And never put them on the top of your head!  We were told not to walk with our hands in our pockets as this is a signal to the monkeys that there might be food in there for THEM.  You will see that in the video when the monkey jumped to take what the man is eating !  David and I had the anti-rabies vaccination but many of the students didn’t.  The cost is a whopping $900 but though you will have to be treated if infected by a rabid animal, you won’t die.  Keep your eyes open for monkeys on the wires above, sitting on the walls, on shiny car roofs, or just sitting on the corners in groups. .  waiting !

Hindus consider monkeys the embodiment of Hanuman,  the monkey god.  They will not  kill them, but the monkey infestation is so bad in some areas that people will wear monkey masks to scare and chase the monkeys away.  But those pesky, clever animals are not fooled for long and are soon back hunting for food!

This video was taken in Agra, which some of you might remember is the site of the Taj Mahal.  Enjoy!



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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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9 Responses to Naughty Indian Monkeys

  1. Monkeys have lot of personality. I agree 🙂

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  2. I have a new BBC series for you: the real marigold hotel.
    It’s based on the idea of the book/film: 8 older UK celebrities live in India for a while to see if they really could retire’s a three parter, very good 🙂

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  3. Monkey in India can sometimes make ur life miserable.. Especially on hill stations.. Had one bad experience with them.. Haha

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    • annetbell says:

      They are very bold and have no fear of people! We saw monkeys chasing dogs! I would love to hear your monkey adventure!

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      • Was a crazy one at McLeodGanj .. I reckon I was 16 years that time and went there on holidays with my family.. Evening we were walking downhill to go shopping and I was holding a packet of chips in my hand… Around 6-7 monkeys came in front of us from no where and blocked our way.. When my dad and brother tried to move forward they started get aggressive and making loud sounds .. Practically stopping us from moving .. Then we started to walk back and they came pouncing on us.. Snatched the chips packet from my hand and my moms purse.. Omg it was crazy… They did not run away they were as if teasing us to come and take the purse.. We couldn’t leave as it was the purse having valuable things.. Then the local shop keepers intervened and shopped them sticks and stuff and then after a drama for 45 mins they threw the bag.. Can’t ever forget that.. We actually later ran for our life.. Lol.. Now I have a phobia from them.. Haha

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      • annetbell says:

        Oh my goodness, what a horror! Glad at the end you and your family were safe and mom got her bag back. Monkeys are totally fearless but they can cause fear in humans! Thanks so much for sharing!

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