SHS 4th grade 1996

This was one of my favorite years and classes at Sacred Heart School.  One of the highlights was the trip to New York City and the wonder of it all for these guys. I will never forget  as we approached on the Jersey side in our tour bus, and  the Twin Towers came into view,

 “Mrs. Bell, there really are two towers!”  

“Yes, did you think I was making that up!”

And then on the ride home, something happened that had never happened before or since with students on the bus back to Troy.  I was in the front, happy but exhausted that all had gone well, and that no one had gotten lost !  Many of the students came up to me, by themselves or with a friend, squatted on the floor and said ,

“Thank you so much for the !”


“I will never forget this trip!”

And I hope they still do have happy memories of our time together. I learned along time ago, that adults do their jobs better when they are content, and feel respected in their work, so why wouldn’t students learn better in an atmosphere of acceptance, love, and fun?

Found this lovely “keepsake,” going through old stuff at my parents’ house last night!! Ohhh the good ol’ days of SHS! 😜😇 #tbt #memories #shs#4thgrade #howcutewerewe #wearegettingold
— with Sarah Paulus, Adam Backaus, Caroline Julia O’Connor Thomas and 17 others.

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Pete Fluty

Pete Fluty Ahhh, good times. Nice find Jt Marie 🙂


Hanna Reid

Hanna Reid Throwback….20 years ago…feeling old for sure!

Nan Marie YaiserFluty

Nan Marie YaiserFluty MRS Bell one of the best !!!

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Domenica Pasinella

Domenica Pasinella This was one of my favorite years!! Thanks Jt Marie!

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Jt Marie

Jt Marie Mine too!!! 😇

Anne Bell
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