Making a Murderer. . . . Netflix


Steven Avery ‘s mug shots from Google public domain

This is a very current conversation in the States. . . . the 10 episode  documentary produced by Netflix about the wrongly convicted Steven Avery.  This has been discussed on mainstream TV and there is a petition to President  Obama!   Steven Avery is wrongly convicted  of a rape and is incarcerated for 18 years.  That is not the end of Avery’s contact with the law.  This is not a spoiler so watch the trailer to get a feel for this chilling story.

From the beginning , shoddy police work is evident,possibly prejudice to a person with limited IQ, who is poor, uneducated , and a  owner of a wrecked care “Estate”.  There is also distrust in an unsympathetic sheriff.  It is a conspiracy event right on our home TVs!

By the way, this is not Netflix’ first rodeo in the world of documentaries.  It has been criticized in previous work on Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse by the families of these women.

“Documentaries present narrative with a point of view.”    Netflix

I dare say that if you watch, you will see how easily a person can be convicted of a crime either by producing or leaving out pertinent evidence. Chilling.

The link below was used in my post and is a spoiler of the story. I think reading it after you have watched the Nexflix documentary  would be allow you to make-up your own mind.

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