The Muslims I Know!

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Brave Muslims from Google Public Domain

This Muslim man is very brave to be on the internet. I heard from a  American born teacher  of  Muslim heritage , how she feared coming to school after 9/11.  She was so afraid that parents would have their students pulled from her class. It didn’t happen because everyone knew she was not a terrorist.  But she was fearful just the same.

This week, I have talked to a  Muslim I have  known for years and years. He is very devout , and we have been friends for years  actually since he was a student in the United States. I had his friends and him to our house for meals and discussions on various topics including how our beliefs are alike and different. I requested Muslim students to befriend as I wanted to show kindness and friendship after we had been treated so warmly in Egypt. A  thank you for the meals and  welcome we were given in a Muslim country.

Also,  my FB friend from another  Muslim country  does not believe in these extreme tactics done in the name of his religion.    We all agree on the fear and unease that  these events put in our hearts.  The refugees must be feeling the same way when abandoning their homes.

I don’t want a national registry for Muslims which is right out of the Fascist  Nazi playbook when they  registered the Jews. I do not want the Syrians put in camps as the US did in World War II to the Japanese people who were  living in the the US.  People fail to learn from history and past mistakes and that is when  history  repeats itself.

May respect, cooler heads, and  compassion on all sides, prevail on this earth.

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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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17 Responses to The Muslims I Know!

  1. Don Ostertag says:

    Pope Francis: Christmas festivities ‘a charade’ in a world filled with ‘war and hate’

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  2. ShaunyNews says:

    The fact this guy is called brave for going online shows the cultural differences between Countries, Muslim’s here don’t feel unsafe due to ISIS, England is a different matter. The EDL are well known for being Nationalistic to the point some of them believe all Muslims should be banned from England, just the EDL here. If a Muslim friend in Scotland did this, people would be telling him there was no need to explain because we understand there is not 1.4 Billion extremist Muslims the same as extremist Christians @ Westboro Baptist Church and other idiots around the World. I personally know Muslims and TIRE of American’s saying “Bomb Syria”..Why? Because when America bombs a Country to death, it costs my Country MILLIONS, it costs my Culture Millions, Europe takes the hit, sadly America is about to understand 1st hand the fear of Shopping or going out due to what ISIS are saying they will do. Irony even Still..Anonymous stopped over 3,000 ISIS Groups be them facebook or wherever. Begs the question why our Governments don’t do that right?. But we pay that little more because we care. But Scotland is starting to say “If the USA stops bombing it would stop the refugee crisis” Someone called them “Immigrants” and got shot down hard, but helping is what we all should do. Scotland does help, we had the 1st influx of Families yesterday. There were a handful of Unionists (Scottish No Voter types) show up, but they got chased away. But America needs to stop doing this. All this stemmed from Bombing Iraq for NO REASON after 9/11. Al Qaeda who changed name to ISIS are still being funded by the G8 and G20 members. I have proved it and MILLIONS of Americans know their Country funds ISIS. Obama even said it live on my news but American’s never got that news, so if you are American and not seen Obama admit it, please sit while watching these video’s. Takes me back to John Kerry video where he ask’s the American public to back Muslims and Islam because a Bible says so

    John Kerry Scripture Says U S Should Protect Muslims

    Still now 1 American has responded to this video with content

    I have been on this story for say? What 2 years Anne? And all I have shared is happening. ISIS is in America and that is their goal. Europe is safe in terms of intelligence from our Governments, and the UK is an Island. Russia blame the USA/UK/Israel and others from the G20 for funding ISIS. This can’t be denied by rational thinking any more, to deny ISIS is HEAVILY funded by the USA and my Country and others is stupid..The proof is undeniable.

    Obama Admits US is Training ISIL (ISIS)

    Retired General McInerney Says U.S. Helped Build #ISIS [FOX NEWS]

    ISIS financed from 40 countries, incl G20 members – Putin (FULL SPEECH)

    The question MUST be asked. Who funds all this? USAID funds this. Proven.
    Russia have started to Bomb Syria but are taking out ONLY convoys of ISIS trucks, not bombing buildings or populated areas. That is what Sky News tells us. And Sky News is the most watched, biggest, bestest, fairest news on Earth. More people watch Sky News from London than any other news. They are pushing the question also “Who funds them” …But that is all so far. Strange as it is, the guy who own’s Sky own’s Fox News and a few other Media outlets. Rupert Murdoch owns the World news. Sky News were 1st and only Media to report the Royal Family sex ring allegations to the USA and back via Jeffrey Epstein. It’s all tied in…
    R.I.P all those who died in Lebanon too…And those on that Russian Plane ISIS took down killing 250 people. I noted not 1 person had a Russia or Lebanese Flag over their face in avatar image of themselves. Also 4 other Countries were hit, all in killing more than were killed in France on EACH bombing. France had the lowest Death toll but it’s all that hit the news and people…Strange yeah?


    • annetbell says:

      Shaun, several people have pointed out and I checked that the UPS uniform post is a hoax from 2003.

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      • ShaunyNews says:

        I replied on your blog Anne…I sourced it to the visible date of 2015. Brian I have asked to re-check his source. I have no idea why American’s are suddenly getting so scared and trying so hard to debunk any possible ‘ISIS In the USA’ News…They are coming regardless of this letter I got sent to by a friend.
        I pray what I read, is wrong..We live it over here, you guys couldn’t…This image proves how hard you try to discredit ANY bad intention towards your Country…
        …And that is a good thing…

        I am not here to frighten, I am here to share PROOF…I do it for free, like you Anne..So when we are brave to share words, we must be even braver to get comments back we ‘Just don’t like’…Regardless of truth…

        I pray for America, your Government has destablized the World today…Today, this generation…The World is saying “Enough”….When I say World..I mean the other 95% of Humanity outside your open borders …don’t forget Obama opened your borders. Well my news told me this…Confusing American’s who also seen this news..

        Hope you are well..
        Keep debunking bad news Anne…x


      • annetbell says:

        Nonetheless, Internet isn’t an exact science, I think.

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      • ShaunyNews says:

        The internet is the most dangerous tool the World ever created. It allowed us all to see the truth or at least look at it. But all aside. When Turkey (NATO MEMBER) shot down the Russian fighter jet, killing 1 pilot, then allowing ISIS to drag the poor Russian guys body around like a trophy, the World changed in an instant. Many say 9/11 was the day that changed our World to the path of ‘Terrorism’

        Sadly the story ends here. Your book was true. I have sat and read scripture all night and it matches up. ‘Like a thief in the night’…
        Make peace Anne…The game is over.
        The people who wanted to go to heaven at ANY cost to prove their books correct…WERE CORRECT….This morning as I sit and read over blogs I and other wrote, You Tube video’s I did and others did..I ask myself “Why did we do nothing?” …. I love you as a friend Anne. We got lost somewhere. But now it does not matter…
        Make peace x


      • annetbell says:

        I sent and email.

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  3. ShaunyNews says:

    Also Anne…Can we debate the video’s? Or are they impossible to discredit?
    You only debunk what is easy to debunk, then ignore the rest…So please. Lets debate the WHOLE Blog…Why did Kerry tell you to go with Islam? Why did Obama say “We fund ISIS”…And he has said this countless times…

    Can we debate that? Or does it have too much fear attached to it?
    Please, Anne, I am asking for debate…Prove me wrong… I beg


    • annetbell says:

      No thanks Shaun, we have done that before.

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      • ShaunyNews says:

        No we have not. Not that it matters any more..The end comes soon.
        Nobody, including yourself can give an answer to the HARD question I put forward.
        Your President said “We fund ISIS” And this was after MILLIONS around the World knew Obama was funding ISIS, renamed from Al Qaeda. Kerry asked American’s to side with Islam…all Muslims, all 1.4 Billion Muslims. America has 300+ Million people in it, 35% are Islam. The biggest American religion is Islam. The biggest UK Religion is Islam.
        Your book was correct. Now I have to sit in the middle as the World annihilate and destroy each other. We here will have to pick up the pieces and live through the aftermath. I proved it all and there wont be a moment where people say “Shaun, you guys were right” ..Why? Because there will be no people left to say this to the Millions of people who see it as we and I do. YOU WON…But your trophy is a guess. x

        None of what we disagreed on matters now. You were correct. But there are no winners Anne..Ignorance won the day. Why did we do nothing? I speak for all 7 Billion of us on Earth, not American’s 300 Million or the UK’s 20 Million people…

        Make peace…x Please..x

        It was all so easy, bit not till today did the World speak about it. People are scared, I am scared. I have two little girls here. We have a Nuclear shelter 2 minutes drive from my home..It’s open. We will have 8 minutes to get there when it happens. Then what?


        Please allow this comment through.
        The human cost was all I EVER wanted to share. People were being killed and we watched TV in our comfy homes. Then the people being killed by BOTH our Countries rightfully got angry. France was the start. Russian commercial plane killing 200+ innocent people, a few from my land and yours was not news. 12 Bombs went off killing over 3,000 people after the French attack…No news…We have choice to go and look at the truth..or be scared and try and dismiss. We have choice to be ignorant…
        Ironic, I was the ignorant one all along…Make peace..x


  4. Oh dear! I, too, hail from UK, where I’m afraid things remain unexcitingly normal. We possibly have more Asian-run corner shops than we have MacDonalds, and they seem to be plying their trade in the usual way (by ‘usual way’ I mean making legitimate sales, for the most part, to legitimate people; and suffering the normal proportion of boorish neanderthals who will adopt any cause and hang a Nazi flag from it). I have several Muslim acquaintances and friends, and they, too, appear to be unaffected, and roundly supportive in condemning Islamists. Do we learn from history? Almost never; and if you need an example of the fine intellectual edge of twenty-first century equanimity attend any football match. All life is there.
    Will we ghetto our Muslims for their faith? Will we inter them in their thousands, repatriate them, victimize them? I so hope not. But I am acutely aware of the problem Germany is inflicting upon itself, and for that reason I worry. Let common sense prevail?


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