Demands of the Million Student March


I will just let the interview of  the student organizer, Keely Mullen  and  Neil Cavuto stand for itself.



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3 Responses to Demands of the Million Student March

  1. Don Ostertag says:

    I think it is criminal that the interest rate for student loans is so high. I don’t think our government should make that kind of profit off students trying to achieve an education. The idea of free college education was a condition in the Land Grant schools. The government gave land and even some buildings to these Land Grant schools on the condition that tuition would be free to citizens of that particular state. Naturally it is just another promise that wasn’t kept. AS far as Fox ‘News’ being concerned with who will pay, there is no better investment than investing in our children. How much better off would we be if we had spent our tax dollars to help our people get an education instead of invading two countries who were not at war with us, two of the longest conflicts in the history of our country.
    And I certainly have no problem with a program like the GI Bill whereby a young person gives two years of his or her lives in the service of our country, military or civilian, in exchanged for money to help them achieve an education either in college or trade school.
    And above all, there has to be a closer scrutiny of these phony, high priced, for profit, dot com ‘ colleges that are ripping off people with false claims and poor performances.


    • annetbell says:

      Always such good ideas and eloquently expressed, Don. I vote for you ! I like the G I Bill similarity. I think it is good for people to be invested in their lives and then they take everything more seriously , if they have financial or time commitment. Thanks for your time and comment. You are always so thoughtful.


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